Gustave Courbet – Artwork & Bio of the French Painter

Gustave Corbet was a French painter born on 10 June 1819 in Omans, France. Despite having no formal artistic education, Corbet established himself as one of the best artists of his time. After moving to Paris in 1840, he developed himself by copying the works of old masters and painting Plein air instead of enrolling at a formal art institution.

Courbet painted strictly in a realist manner, refusing to entertain any form of imagined subjects. He exhibited regularly at the Paris Salon and won a gold medal in 1849. In his later years, Courbet painted portraits, landscapes, and seascapes that later influenced artists of the Impressionism movement. He died of liver disease on 31 December 1877 in Switzerland.

What was Gustave Corbet Known For?

Gustave Corbet was known for his revolutionary paintings of landscapes, figures, and seascapes with a strict realist technique. Courbet was rebellious and incorporated it into his artistic career, refusing to waver from his style. His subjects include live models, natural genre scenes, landscapes, and seascapes.

Who was Gustave Courbet Infleunced By?

Gustave Courbet was influenced by the works of Caravaggio, Paul Rubens, Diego Velazquez, and Rembrandt Rijn, which he copied and recreated to develop his style. Asides from the few painting lessons he received from art instructors, Courbet’s learned to paint through disciplined, rigorous practice and replication.

What Art Movement was Gustave Courbet Associated With?

Gustave Courbet was associated with the Realism art movement. During an era when classical art was the order of the day, Courbet stuck to painting with realist techniques and often rejected any commission that demanded otherwise. Courbet’s determination and rigidity impacted emerging art movements.

Gustave Courbet Artworks

Despite being rejected by art salons for many of his submissions, collectors and dealers in the art world covet Courbet’s works. Below are some of them

After Dinner at Ornans

Bather Sleeping by a Brook

Crumbling Rocks

Going Fishing

The Bathers

The Dead Doe

The Oak of Flagey

The Painter’s Studio

The Seaside at Palavas

The Sleeping Spinner

The Village Maidens

The Wheat Sifters

The Woman in the Waves

The Wounded Man

Valley of Ornans

Woman with a Parrot

Young Ladies on the Banks of the Seine (Summer)

All Gustave Courbet Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
The Stormy Sea (or The Wave) 1869 Oil On Canvas
A Thicket Of Deer At The Stream Of Plaisir-fontaine 1866 Oil On Canvas
The Sleeping Spinner 1853 Oil On Canvas
Seacoast 1865 Oil On Canvas
The Oak At Flagey (the Oak Of Vercingetorix) 1864 Oil On Canvas
Count De Choiseul's Greyhounds 1866 Oil On Canvas
Still Life: Fruit 1871-72 Oil On Canvas
Portrait of Jo, the Beautiful Irish Girl 1865 Oil on Canvas
A Burial at Ornans 1849 - 1850 Oil on Canvas
The Source of the Loue 1863 - 1864 chalk
The Trout 1872 Oil on Canvas
Portrait of the Artist, called The Wounded Man 1844 - 1845 Oil on Canvas
Portrait of the Artist (Man with a Pipe) c. 1848-49 Oil on Canvas
The Meeting, or Bonjour Monsieur Courbet 1854 Oil on Canvas
Still Life with Apples and Pomegranate 1871-72 Oil on Canvas
The Cellist, Self-Portrait 1847 Oil on Canvas
The Cliff at Etretat after the Storm 1869 - 1870 Oil on Canvas
The Painter's Studio; A Real Allegory 1854 - 1855 Oil on Canvas
The Young Ladies on the Banks of the Seine (Summer) 1856-57 Oil on Canvas
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