Hannah Hoch Biography and Artwork

Hannah Höch was an influential member of the Dada movement and a pioneer of 20th-century collage and photomontage. Born in Gotha, Germany in 1889, she attended the School of Applied Arts in Berlin and later enrolled in the National Institute of the Museum of Arts and Crafts to focus on graphic arts.

Höch is best known for her work during the Weimar period, where she was one of the originators of photomontage. She appropriated images and text from mass media to critique popular culture, social norms concerning gender roles, as well as the failings of Germany’s democratic government. Her work often centered around these themes characterized by surrealism.

Höch is noteworthy for being one among few female artists aligned with Berlin Dada group. She engaged with other artists such as George Grosz, collaborated closely with Raoul Hausmann – whom she had an amorous relationship with – and participated in several Dada events. Her involvement culminates at her participation to First International Berlin Dada fair.

Despite not being included by historians who have favorably noted Kurt Schwitters’ achievements over hers, Hannah Höch continues to be celebrated today for her bold experimentation that expanded upon traditional methods that had long been used within art production hitherto.

All Hannah Hoch Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Da Dandy 1919
Schnitt mit dem kuchenmesser dada durch die letzte weimarer bierbauchkulturepoche deutschlands 1919-1920
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