Hans Holbein – Artwork & Bio of the German Painter

Hans Holbein was a German painter born in Augsburg, Germany, in 1497. Holbein was born into a family with an artistic background, which influenced him to become a painter. In 1515, Holbein moved with his brother to Basel, where they apprenticed with Han Herbster. In addition, he took trips to Italy to study the works of the Old Masters. Holbein’s reputation as a portraitist grew exponentially on his return to Basel, peculiarly because of his friendship with Erasmus.

Holbein traveled to England with recommendation letters from Erasmus and quickly won acclaim with prestigious individuals and families. He made several portraits for King Henry VIII and his potential brides and earned the patronage of Thomas Cromwell. History reports Holbein suffered from the plague and died in London in 1543.

What was Hans Holbein Known For?

Hans Holbein was known for making portraits of wealthy families and King Henry VIII. Holbein expertly captured light and texture in his works and portrayed his subjects in a meticulous grandiose manner. Holbein is also renowned for his striking depictions of fabric and accessories in his artworks.

Who was Hans Holbein Influenced By?

The influence on Holbein’s career choice and painting style stemmed from artistic relatives. His father, Hans Holbein, the Elder, was a portraitist who trained his sons to become painters. Holbein’s uncle was also a painter. Hans and his brother carried on the tradition of having painters in the Holbein lineage.

What Art Movement was Hans Holbein Associated With?

Hans Holbein was associated with the Realism art movement. Holbein made portraits that showcased accurate likenesses to the subject, their outfit, and their accessories.

Hans Holbein Artwork

Holbein’s works have influenced several 16th and 17th-century artists, including Peter Paul Rubens and Rembrandt Rijn. Below are some of them

Lady with a Squirrel and a Starling

Lais Corinthiaca

Portrait of Dirk Tybis

Portrait of Erasmus of Rotterdam

Portrait of Mary Wotton, Lady Guildenford

Portrait of Nicholas Kratzer

Portrait of Sir Brian Tuke

Portrait of Sir Henry Guildford

Portrait of Sir Thomas More

Portrait of Thomas Cromwell

Portrait of William Warham, Archbishop of Canberbury

Sir Henry Wyatt

The Ambassadors

The Last Supper

The Passion

Venus and Amor

All Hans Holbein Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Portrait Of A Member Of The Wedigh Family 1532 Oil On Wood
Sir Brian Tuke c. 1527 Oil On Wood
Sir Richard Southwell 1536 Oil On Wood
William Warham, Archbishop Of Canterbury 1527
The Statue Of Jeanne De Boulogne In Bourges 1524
Charles De Solier, Sieur De Morette 1534-5 Oak
Mary Wotton, Lady Guildford 1527
Edward, Prince Of Wales 1538-9 Oak
Anne Of Cleves 1538-9 Parchment Glued On Canvas
Anna Meyer c. 1526
Double Portrait Of Sir Thomas Godsalve And His Son John 1528
Georg Gisze, a German merchant in London 1532 oil,oak
The Virgin and Child with the family of Burgomaster Meyer c.1526 - c.1528 Oil on Wood
Christina of Denmark c.1538 Oil on Panel
Henry VIII c. 1536 Oak
Erasmus 1523 Oil on Panel,tempera
The Ambassadors 1533 Oil on Panel
The Artist's Wife, Elsbeth Binzenstock, and her Two Children, Philip and Catherine 1528
The Body of the Dead Christ in the Tomb 1521 Oil on Wood
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