Henri-Edmund Cross Biography and Artwork

Henri-Edmond Cross was a French painter and printmaker known for his contributions to Neo-Impressionism. He was born in Douai, Nord, France in 1856, and studied law before moving to Paris to study at the École des Beaux-Arts. His early works were in the dark colors of realism, but after meeting with Claude Monet in 1883, he started painting with brighter colors of Impressionism.

Cross’s masterful use of Pointillism played an important role in shaping the second phase of the Neo-Impressionist movement. A pioneer of this technique, he became a founding member of Salon des Indépendants. Cross became an essential influence on Henri Matisse and many other artists who followed his style.

In his later works, Cross focused mainly on pure landscape paintings in oil and watercolor with a vivid palette of saturated colors. This technique gave his landscapes a dreamy appearance that captured nature’s essence beautifully. He died in Saint-Clair, Var France back in 1910.

Henri-Edmond Cross left a significant impact on art history through his pioneering stroke and neo-impressionist philosophy. His contribution still maintains high regard amongst critics till date, paving the way for future artists across multiple mediums of expressionism.

All Henri-Edmund Cross Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Soleil couchant sur la lagune (Venice) c. 1903-04 Oil on Canvas
La Terrasse Fleurie (The Flowered Terrace) c. 1905 Oil on panel
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