Henri Rousseau Biography and Artwork

Henri Rousseau was a French painter and one of the most notable naive artists of the modern era. He is known for his vibrant and intricate paintings that depict wild animals, lush jungles, and exotic figures. Despite receiving no formal artistic training, Rousseau’s work influenced many avant-garde artists.

Rousseau worked in the Parisian customs service for over two decades while pursuing his passion for painting. He used handbooks, Academic paintings, and ready-made designs found in magazines to learn about art techniques. Although he was mocked during his lifetime, Rousseau aspired to be recognized by the Académie des Beaux-Arts.

His richly colored pictures portraying nature were consistently naive yet imaginative earning him a “primitive” label which he wore proudly throughout his career. His unique style depicted an ideal view of nature with wild tigers roaming free through dense forests with brilliantly colored foliage dominating vast landscapes.

Henri Rousseau’s art celebrated fantasy above all else and has become well-known throughout Europe today due to its uniqueness as well as its influence on other artists from different cultures around the word including Matisse among others.

All Henri Rousseau Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Scout Attacked By A Tiger (eclaireur Attaque Par Un Tigre) 1904 Oil On Canvas
Portrait Of The Artist's Second Wife With A Lamp 1903 Oil On Canvas
Myself, Portrait-landscape 1890 Oil On Canvas
Liberty Inviting Artists To Take Part In The 22nd Exhibition Of The Societe Des Artistes Independants 1905-6 Oil On Canvas
Self-portrait Of The Artist With A Lamp 1903 Oil On Canvas
The Merry Jesters c. 1906 Oil On Canvas
Bouquet Of Flowers With An Ivy Branch 1909 Oil On Canvas
Rendezvous In The Forest 1889 Oil On Canvas
Bouquet Of Flowers 1910 Oil On Canvas
Woman Walking In An Exotic Forest (femme Se Promenant Dans Une Foret Exotique) 1905 Oil On Canvas
La Tour Eiffel (the Eiffel Tower) c. 1898 Oil On Canvas
Portrait Of Joseph Brummer 1909 Oil On Canvas
Portrait of a Woman c.1895 Oil on Canvas
The Flamingoes 1907 Oil on Canvas
The Repast of the Lion c.1907 Oil on Canvas
The Snake Charmer 1907 Oil on Canvas
The Boat in the Storm c.1899 Oil on Canvas
The Representatives of Foreign Powers Coming to Greet the Republic as a Sign of Peace 1907 Oil on Canvas
A Carnival Evening 1885 - 1886 Oil on Canvas
Combat of a Tiger and a Buffalo 1908 Oil on Canvas
Fight Between a Tiger and a Buffalo 1908 Oil on Canvas
Surprise! 1891 Oil on Canvas
The Football Players 1908 Oil on Canvas
War, or Discord on Horseback 1894 Oil on Canvas
Exotic Landscape 1908 Oil on Canvas
Portrait of a Woman c.1895 Oil on Canvas
Portrait of Pierre Loti c.1891 Oil on Canvas
The Dream 1910 Oil on Canvas
The Sleeping Gypsy 1897 Oil on Canvas
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