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Honore Daumier was a talented French artist born in Marseille on 26 February 1808. Honore’s father, Jean-Baptiste, was a glazier, poet, and copyright, albeit not so famous. Jean-Baptiste moved his family to Paris in 1816 to find favor in the court and become famous. Honore enjoyed a lower-middle-class education but leaned towards art rather than his studies.

At age 12, Daumier worked as a messenger for a law firm and later as a bookshop assistant. Honore’s persistence led his family to enroll him in informal classes with Alexander Lenoir, an artist, and friend of the family. Daumier gained formal art education at the Academie Suisse, where he met like-minded students.

Daumier earned a living as a lithographer and caricaturist for most of his career. The multi-talented artist was also a sculptor and exhibited more paintings later in his career. Honore’s caricatures mocked the political regime, and in 1862 King Louis-Philippe sentenced him to six months in prison. Daumier was awarded the French Legion of Honour award, which he declined twice because of his political standpoints. Honore Daumier died on 18 February 1879.

What was Honore Daumier Known For?

Honore Daumier was known for his satirical caricatures and was also identified as one of the pioneer artists with an Impressionist influence on modern art. Honore was politically inclined and led a fight against social injustice with his friends and fellow artists.

Who was Honore Daumier Influenced By?

Honore Daumier was influenced by Charles Ramelet, whom he learned lithography from. Daumier was also influenced by Paul Rubens, whose work he encountered during his time with Lenoir.

What Art Movement was Honore Daumier Associated With?

Honore Daumier was associated with the Impressionism and Realism art movements. Although his recognition as a painter came after his death, his paintings addressed literal subjects. In contrast, his other art forms focused on contemporary issues.

Honore Daumier’s Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Honore Daumier.


The lawyers




Print collector


The laundress


The third class carriage


The uprising

Wandering saltimbanques


Self portrait

Family scene


The Ratapoil


The smiling man


Four lawyers


The three connoisseurs


Fatherly discipline


Alexandre Lecomte

Antoine Odier




The Concierge

Three gossips


Frightened woman

All Honore Daumier Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
At The Theater (the Melodrama) c. 1860-64 Oil On Canvas
A Man Reading In A Garden c. 1866-68 Watercolor Over Black Chalk, With Pen And Ink, Wash, And Conte Crayon On Wove Paper
Don Quixote And Sancho Panza c. 1850
The Painter At His Easel c. 1870-75 Oil On Panel
The Print Collectors c. 1860-63 Oil On Panel
Children Coming Out Of School c. 1847-48 Oil On Panel
The Past, The Present, The Future 1834 Lithograph On Heavy White Paper; First State Of Two
The Two Lawyers c. 1862-64 Oil On Panel
Two Sculptors Oil On Wood
Crispin and Scapin c.1863 - c.1865 Oil on Canvas
Laundress on the Quai d'Anjou (Laveuse au Quai d'Anjou) c. 1860 Oil on wood panel, cradled
Clown Playing a Drum c. 1865-67 Black chalk, pen and ink, wash, watercolor, gouache, and Conte Crayon on paper
Don Quixote and Sancho Panza c. 1866-68 Oil on Canvas
The Chess Players c.1863 - c.1867 Oil on Panel
André-Marie-Jean-Jacques Dupin (Dupin the Elder) 1832
Mr Daumier, your series...is...charming 1838 Lithograph
Rue Transnonain, 15 April 1834 1834 Lithograph
The Third-Class Carriage 1863-65 Oil on Canvas
The Uprising c. 1860 Oil on Canvas
Three Lawyers Conversing c. 1862-65 Oil on panel
The Fugitives c. 1849-50 Oil on panel

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