Howard Hodgkin – Artwork & Bio of the British Painter

Howard Hodgkin was a British painter born on 6 August 1932 in Hammersmith, London. Hodgkin decided to become a painter early on and studied at the Camberwell School of Art, where he created his first work as a teenager. Subsequently, he spent four years at the Bath Academy of Art. After completing his studies, Hodgkin taught art and exhibited his works while traveling to develop his style.

The late 1960s and early 1970s saw Hodgkin’s style develop and earn recognition. He continued painting and exhibiting through the following decades, though his fame began to decline as he grew older. In 1985, Hodgkin won the Turner Prize on the second-ever edition of the award. He spent the latter part of his career painting and experimenting with costume and set design. Hodgkin died on 9 March 2017 in London.

What was Howard Hodgkin Known For?

Howard Hodgkin was known for painting abstractions that showed a mastery of color and texture. Hodgkin’s art leaves room for personal interpretations for the viewer as the artist employs vague motifs. Hodgkin’s works also express the relationship between bold colors while showing their specific characteristics. He mainly creates with oil paints on wood panels.

Who was Howard Hodgkin Influenced By?

The earliest influence on Hodgkin’s works can be traced to his pre-teenage days, living in New York with his mother. The artworks of Pablo Picasso, Stuart Davis, and Henri Matisse intrigued the young Howard on his visit to the Museum of Modern Art. Unlike most painters, Hodgkin developed his style late and only began to win acclaim in his forties after his visit to India impacted some of his techniques.

What Art Movement was Howard Hodgkin Associated With?

Howard Hodgkin was associated with the Abstract art movement.

Howard Hodgkin Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Howard Hodgkin




Clean Sheets

Dinner at Smith Square

Enter Laughing


Girl at Night


Girl on a Sofa


Here We are in Croydon




Moroccan Door


Night and Day

Patrick Caulfield in Italy




Strictly Personal


Venice, Afternoon

All Howard Hodgkin Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Small Henry Moore At The Bottom Of The Garden 1975-77 Oil On Wood
Small Durand Gardens 1974 Oil On Wood
Reading The Letter 1977-80 Oil On Wood
None But The Brave Deserves The Fair 1981-84 Oil On Wood
Interior With Figures 1977-84 Oil On Wood
In The Bay Of Naples 1980-82 Oil On Wood
The Green Chateau 1976-80 Oil On Wood
Grantchester Road 1975 Oil On Wood
Mr and Mrs E.j.p. 1972-73 Oil On Wood
Counting The Days 1979-82 Oil On Wood
In Alexander Street 1977-79 Oil On Wood
After Corot 1979-82 Oil On Wood
Paul Levy 1976-80 Oil on wood
Day Dreams 1977-80 Oil on wood
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