Jan Van Eyck – Artwork & Bio of the Dutch Painter

Jan Van Eyck was a Dutch painter born in 1390 in Maaseyck, Maastricht. Jan’s older siblings were painters, and he received his first art lessons from his older brother Hubert. His first works were book illustrations that won him recognition from notable persons. In the early-1420s, Van Eyck became the court painter to John of Bavaria.

Impressed by Van Eyck’s devotion and ability, Philip the Good appointed him as his court painter after John of Bavaria’s death in 1425. Van Eyck earned the monarch’s trust and went on several journeys for him. He held a lofty position and received hefty wages in addition to the commissions he got commercially.

During his later years, Van Eyck focused primarily on portraiture and was contracted severally by wealthy individuals. His mastery of the art of depictions helped in achieving financial success during this period. In 1431, Van Eyck purchased a house in Bruges and got married. The marriage bore the fruit of ten children.

In 1436, Van Eyck went on his last recorded secret journey for Duke Philip. Van Eyck died on 9 January 1441, leaving a lasting legacy of creating masterpieces and pioneering art in the Netherlands.

What was Jan Van Eyck Known For?

Jan Van Eyck was known mainly for painting portraits for wealthy individuals. Jan became one of the first artists to switch from egg tempera to oil paints, which he mastered. Van Eyck showed his expertise through the accuracy of details in his works and the transitioning of color areas. He is also renowned for his involvement in the naturalism style’s development.

What Art Movement was Jan Van Eyck Associated With?

Jan Van Eyck was associated with Realism and Renaissance art movements.

Jan Van Eyck Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Jan Van Eyck

Adoration of the Lamb



The Prophet Zacharias and the Angel Gabriel


Donor and St. John the Baptist



Lucca Madonna



Madonna at the Fountain



Saint Barbara



St. Francis Receiving the Stigmata



St. Jerome in his Study






The Arnolfini Portrait



The Birth of John the Baptist



The Crucifixion and Last Judgement Diptych


The Fountain of Life



Portrait of a Man with a Blue Chaperon



The Offerings of Cain and Abel



Virgin and Child with Canon van der Paele

All Jan Van Eyck Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
The Ghent altarpiece 1432 Oil on Wood
The Ghent Altarpiece With Doors Closed 1432 Oil On Panel
Timotheos, Or Portrait Of A Young Man 1432 Oil On Panel
The Thyssen Annunciation c. 1436 Oil On Panel
Man With A Pink 1435 Oil On Panel
Portrait Of Baudouin De Lannoy 1435 Oil On Panel
The Ghent altarpiece 1432 Oil on Wood
A Man in a Turban 1433 Oil on Wood
Portrait of Cardinal Nicolas Albergati 1431-32 Oil on panel
St Francis Receiving the Stigmata c.1427 Oil on Panel
Margaretha Van Eyck 1439 Oil on Panel
St Barbara 1437 Oil on Wood
The Crucifixion and The Last Judgment 1425-30 Oil on Canvas transferred from wood
The Madonna with Canon van der Paele 1434–1436 Oil on Oak Panel
The Virgin of Chancellor Rolin c.1435 oil
The Annunciation c.1435 Oil on Wood
Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini 1435 Oil on Wood
Portrait of Jan De Leeuw 1436 Oil on Wood
The betrothal of the Arnolfini 1434 Oil on wood
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