Jan Vermeer Biography and Artwork

Jan Vermeer was a Dutch Baroque painter who lived in the ‘Golden Age of Dutch Painting’ during the 17th century. He specialized in domestic interior scenes that depicted middle-class life. Born in Delft in 1632, he spent his entire life there until his death at the age of 43. Vermeer’s father was a silk weaver and an art dealer, which might have had an influence on his passion for painting.

Vermeer’s output was low compared to other artists, selling only to selected local dealers for most of his career. Today, only thirty-four paintings are attributed to him. The rarity of his work has made it particularly valuable and desirable in today’s art world.

Vermeer’s paintings were rich with symbolic meaning and focused on natural light sources illuminating simple portraits and household scenes. He earned a reputation as a master of color theory and atmospheric depiction, producing scientific accuracy through precision techniques such as perspective rendering and geometry composition.

Overall, Jan Vermeer remains one of the most renowned Baroque painters who ever lived. Despite having painted just over thirty paintings throughout his entire career, today they remain celebrated examples from the era for their remarkable detail-oriented style depicting everyday middle-class life at its purest form.

All Jan Vermeer Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
The Procuress 1656 Oil on Canvas
Soldier and a Laughing Girl c.1657 Oil on Canvas
The Geographer c.1668 - c.1669 Oil on Canvas
Woman Holding a Balance c. 1664 Oil on Canvas
A Woman Asleep c.1656 - c.1657 Oil on Canvas
detail in The Music Lesson c.1662 - c.1665 Oil on Canvas
Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid c.1670 Oil on Canvas
Mistress and Maid c. 1667-68 Oil on Canvas
Street in Delft c. 1657-1658 Oil on Canvas
The Concert c. 1665-66 Oil on Canvas
The Girl with the Red Hat c.1665 - c.1667 Oil on Canvas
The Guitar Player c.1670 - c.1672 Oil on Canvas
The Music Lesson c.1662 - c.1665 Oil on Canvas
Young Woman with a Water Pitcher c. 1664-65 Oil on Canvas
The Art of Painting c. 1666-1673 Oil on Canvas
The Lacemaker c.1669 - c.1671 Oil on Canvas
The Milkmaid c. 1658-60 Oil on Canvas
View of Delft c.1660 - c.1661 Oil on Canvas
Girl with a Pearl Earring c. 1665-1666 Oil on Canvas
Woman in Blue Reading a Letter c. 1663-1664 Oil on Canvas
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