Jasper Johns – Artwork & Bio of the American Painter

Jasper Johns is an American sculptor born on 15 May 1930 in Augusta, Georgia. Johns started drawing at a young age and nursed the ambition of becoming a professional artist. After studying at the University of South Carolina for three semesters, Johns moved to the Parsons School of Design. However, he only spent one semester before getting drafted into the army.

John’s personal and professional relationships with Robert Rauschenberg helped the development of his art. Around the time, Johns also settled on his choice of subject matter, combining Pop Art and Dadaism styles. He earned international recognition through several exhibitions in the 1950s. Johns currently lives and works in Sharon, Connecticut.

What is Jasper Johns Known For?

Jasper Johns is known for painting and creating collages from newspaper shreds and scraps. In the early-1950s, Johns refused to divert from the motifs of everyday objects and primarily painted flags and targets as his main subjects. He employed a colorful palette of bright colors in most of his artworks.

Who was Jasper Johns Influenced By?

Robert Rauschenberg influenced Jasper Johns’ artworks. After being discharged honorably from the army, Rauschenberg introduced Johns to the art world. After building a romantic and artistic relationship, both artists lived together and shared studios, influencing each other’s works and art styles.

What Art Movement is Jasper Johns Associated With?

Jasper Johns is associated with the Neo-Dadaism and Pop Art movements. Johns created his famous paintings of American flags using newspaper and fabric pieces covered with wax and paint on canvas. In this manner, he combined the techniques of Dadaism and Pop Art.

Jasper Johns Artwork

Matthews Mark Gallery in New York currently represents Johns, but his artworks are in several prestigious collections worldwide. Below are some of his artworks


0 Through 9

Ale Cans



Dancers on a Plane

False Start


Flag on Orange Field

Green Target



Perilous Night

Racing Thoughts

Target with Plaster Casts

The Critic Smiles

Three Flags

White Flags

Cup 2 Picasso



Scott Fagan Record

All Jasper Johns Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Winter 1986 Encaustic on Canvas
White Flag 1955 Encaustic and collage on Canvas
Watchman 1964 Oil on Canvas with objects
Painting with Two Balls 1960 Encaustic and collage on Canvas with objects
Green Target 1955 Encaustic and collage on Canvas
Target with Four Faces 1955 Encaustic and collage on Canvas with plaster casts
In the Studio 1982 Encaustic and collage on Canvas with objects
Spring 1986 Encaustic on Canvas
Scent 1973-74 Oil and encaustic on Canvas
Painted Bronze (Savarin) 1960 Painted bronze
Racing Thoughts 1983 Encaustic and collage on Canvas
Map 1961 Oil on Canvas
Untitled 1984 Encaustic on Canvas
Green Angel 1990 Encaustic and sand on Canvas
Fool's House 1962 Oil on Canvas with objects
Flag above White with Collage 1955 Encaustic and collage on Canvas
Flag 1954-55 Encaustic, oil and collage on fabric mounted on plywood
Fall 1986 Encaustic on Canvas
Device 1961-62 Oil on Canvas with objects
Dancers on a Plane 1979 Oil on Canvas with objects
Cicada 1979 Watercolor, Crayon, and pencil on paper
Grey Alphabets 1956 Beeswax and oil on newspaper on Canvas
Painted Bronze (Ballantine Ale) 1960 Painted bronze
Three Flags 1958 Encaustic on Canvas
False Start 1959 Oil on Canvas
Flag on Orange Field 1957 Oil on Canvas
Souvenir 2 1964 Oil and collage on Canvas with objects
Summer 1985 encaustic,Canvas
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