Jean Dubuffet – Artwork  & Bio of the French Painter

Jean Dubuffet was a French painter born on 31 July 1901 in Le Havre, France. Dubuffet showed rebellious tendencies from a young age, refusing to complete his studies. He continued in the same manner after enrolling at the Academie Julian, dropping out only six months later to take over his father’s business and learn independently.

In 1942, Dubuffet returned to painting and experimented with unconventional methods and styles. His artworks during this period showcased dissent against traditional techniques and concepts of art. Dubuffet deliberately painted figures to look grotesque, proving his stance against the separation of beauty and ugliness.

Dubuffet continued to challenge traditional techniques and aesthetic boundaries in his work through experimentation with various media. In the later years of his career, Dubeffet created several large-scale, towering sculptures using papier-mache and polystyrene. Dubuffet’s illustrious career came ended with his death on 12 May 1985.

What was Jean Dubuffet Known For?

Jean Dubuffet was known for making unique artworks revolving around common themes portrayed unconventionally. Dubuffet, a revolter against cultural art concepts since his youth, went against the norms and painted uniquely.  He combined sand, tar, gravel, and paint to obtain a thick emulsion with which he painted grotesque figures.

Who was Jean Dubuffet Influenced By?

Jean Dubuffet was influenced by the work of Dr. Hans Prinzhorn and the paintings of Jean Fautrier. Dubuffet devotedly read the work of Prinzhorn, who compared children’s and inmates’ artworks. Subsequently, Dubuffet decided to adopt the paint-mixing technique of Fautrier to achieve a thick pigment.

What Art Movement was Jean Dubuffet Associated With?

Jean Dubuffet was associated with the Art Brut and Art Informel art movements. Dubuffet constantly rejected traditional classifications, such as Surrealism or Futurism.

Jean Dubuffet Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Jean Dubuffet

All Jean Dubuffet Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Supervielle, Large Banner Portrait 1945 Oil On Canvas
Dhotel nuance d'abricot 1947 Oil on Canvas
The Cow with the Subtile Nose 1954 Oil and Enamel on Canvas
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