Joaquin Sorolla Y Bastida Biography and Artwork

Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida was a Spanish Valencian painter, born in 1863. He lost his parents at a young age and was raised by his aunt and uncle, who recognized his artistic skills and enrolled him in art school at the age of 9. Sorolla’s style was a variant of Impressionism and he painted predominantly outdoors, capturing the vividly sunny seacoast of Valencia and various aspects of Spanish culture.

Sorolla’s paintings encompassed portraits, landscapes, and monumental works with social or historical themes. Associated with modern Realism, his work is reminiscent of John Singer Sargent’s and Anders Zorn’s paintings. He captured the light on canvases so precisely that one can almost feel the warmth radiating from them. His unique ability to show bold contrasts between light and dark lent depth to his subjects’ faces.

The work of Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida has been featured in numerous galleries around the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Sorolla passed away at age 60 in 1923 but left behind an enormous legacy as one of Spain’s most celebrated painters whose depictions still capture hearts around the globe today.

In addition to being active as a painter during Spain’s Golden Age for art during King Alfonso XIII’s reign (1886-1931), Joaquin Sorolla also became famous throughout Europe when he won numerous awards while displaying artworks across Europe from 1895-1908, leading up to triumphs such as gold medals at Universal expositions held here (Paris) along with many other countries like St Petersburg.
One thing that makes Sorolla exceptional relative to contemporaries is how he combined impressionist brushwork techniques with accurate portrayals – often referred to as Romantic Realism – which meant masterpieces like “Sad Inheritance” (which epitomizes societal challenges faced by partially-blind Albacete children), gained unique characteristics difficult to match. His depictions of outdoor activities had him avoid studios in favor of working under natural illumination on location leading to dynamic water-associated paintings like “Strolling Along the Seashore”.

All Joaquin Sorolla Y Bastida Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Children on the Beach 1910 Oil on Canvas
The Two Sisters 1909 Oil on Canvas
They Still Say That Fish Is Expensive! 1894 Oil On Canvas
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