Johannes Vermeer – Artwork & Bio of the Dutch Painter

Johannes (Jan) Vermeer

Johannes Vermeer was a Dutch painter born in October 1632 in Delft, The Dutch Republic. Born into a lower-class family, Vermeer got early art training in the 1640s as an apprentice of Carel Fabritius, who was the pupil of Rembrandt Rijn. In 1653, Vermeer married a Catholic woman from a well-to-do family, converting to Catholicism for this reason.

In the same year, Vermeer enrolled at the Guild of St. Luke as a master painter, as his father did before him. He became head of the Guild in 1662, earning recognition as an expert painter and patronage from wealthy personalities such as Pieter Van Ruijven. In 1672, Vermeer fell into a series of debts due to the country’s economic decline, leading to his depression and insanity. He died on 16 December 1675 in Delft, Dutch Republic.

What was Johannes Vermeer Known For?

Johannes Vermeer was known for painting domestic genre scenes of everyday life. Despite the recurring turbulence that struck Vermeer at various points in his life, he maintained the calm idyll of his artworks. Vermeer was tagged “Master of Light” after his death because he expertly depicted the effect of light on the subjects and the environment in his oil paintings.

Who was Johannes Vermeer Influenced By?

Several influences are traceable in Jan Vermeer’s artworks. History claims that his few religiously-themed paintings were a means of convincing his new in-laws of his Catholic faith. Vermeer’s representation of light effects and rich use of pigments showcase the influence of Rembrandt Rijn’s methods.

What Art Movement was Johannes Vermeer Associated With?

Jan Vermeer was associated with the Baroque art movement. The Baroque art movement, created in 1584, was famous for representing everyday life and religious scenes. The Dutch Golden Age was the version of Baroque art Vermeer associated with.

Johannes Vermeer Artwork

There are currently about thirty-four surviving works of Vermeer, with a few more in dispute. Below are some of them

A Lady and Two Gentlemen

Allegory on Faith

Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid

The Art of Painting

The Astronomer

The Concert

The Geographer

The Girl with a Pearl Earring

The Glass of Wine

The Lacemaker

The Little Street

The Love Letter

The Milkmaid

The Music Lesson

The Procuress

View of Delft

Woman reading a letter

Woman with a lute

All Johannes Vermeer Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Young woman with hands one over the other
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