John Constable Biography and Artwork

John Constable was an influential landscape painter who rose to prominence during the early 19th century. Born in East Bergholt, Suffolk, he belonged to a wealthy corn merchant family and received education at different private and grammar schools. He taught himself how to paint and exhibited his artworks at the Royal Academy in London before making his way to exhibit in Paris Salon.

Constable’s artwork emphasized landscape paintings using a variety of techniques such as drawing, painting, and printmaking. His paintings featured romanticized views of the British countryside that differentiated him from other artists of that time. He drew inspiration from Claude Lorrain’s painting Hagar and the Angel, which he viewed as a child.

The success of Constable’s career was largely attributed to Dr. John Fisher, who supported him throughout his artistic journey. Constable traveled extensively throughout Britain for his subject matter representation rather than using popular tourist locations; however, one particular personal trip led him to Salisbury where he sketched Gothic cathedrals that later became famous works.

His legacy persists even after his death as one of Europe’s most famous landscape painters. His contribution influenced Romanticism movements across Europe posthumously known for unconventional depictions nature-themed landscapes.

All John Constable Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Detail Of: The White Horse 1819 Oil On Canvas
Wivenhoe Park, Essex 1816 Oil On Canvas
A View On The Stour 1810 Oil On Paper Laid On Canvas
Branch Hill Pond, Hampstead Heath 1828 Oil On Canvas
On The Stour c. 1834 Oil On Canvas
Helmingham Dell 1825-26 Oil On Canvas
Harnham Gate, Salisbury 1821 Oil On Canvas
Hampstead Heath, Looking Towards Harrow 1821 Oil On Paper Laid On Canvas
Gillingham Mill 1824 Oil On Canvas
Arundel Mill and Castle 1837 Oil on Canvas
Dedham Lock and Mill 1818 Oil on Canvas
Hadleigh Castle 1829 Oil on Canvas
The Cornfield 1826 Oil on Canvas
Rainstorm off the Coast at Brighton c. 1824-28 Oil on paper laid on Canvas
Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop's Grounds c.1823 Oil on Canvas
The Glebe Farm c. 1830 Oil on Canvas
The Opening of Waterloo Bridge c.1832 Oil on Canvas
Chain Pier, Brighton 1827 Oil on Canvas
Flatford Lock and Mill 1812 Oil on Canvas
Stour Valley and Dedham Church 1814 Oil on Canvas
Study of Clouds at Hampstead 1821 Oil on paper laid on board
Cloud Study 1821 Oil on paper laid on board
The Lock 1824 Oil on Canvas
The White Horse 1819 Oil on Canvas
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