John Millais – Artwork & Bio of the British Painter

John Millais was a British painter born on 8 June 1829 in Southampton, United Kingdom. John inherited the passion his father, an amateur painter, had for art and began painting early. At only nine years old, the child prodigy John began studying at Henry Sass’ Academy, subsequently transitioning to the Royal Academy of Arts as a teenager.

In 1848, Millais joined a group of fellow Academy students who were dissatisfied with the traditional methods taught at the Academy – The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. The group’s instantaneous popularity owed partly to the support of art critic John Ruskin. However, Ruskin and Millais would eventually fall out after an affair developed between Millais and Ruskin’s wife – Effie.

Millais married Effie in 1855, a year after she annulled her marriage to Ruskin. Millais’ reputation as a painter grew exponentially, and he received commissions and commercial contracts from prominent individuals. During his later years, Millais’ works primarily focused on landscapes and portraits. He received the title of Baronet in 1885 and became President of the Royal Academy in 1896. However, due to failing health, he died shortly after on 13 August 1896.

What was John Millais Known For?

John Millais was known for painting children’s scenes, portraits, and landscapes. After joining the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, which focused on realistic depictions and natural subjects, Millais’s works showed keen attention to detail and striking realism. The theme of his work varied through different periods, which led to his recognition as the greatest British artist of his time.

Who was John Millais Influenced By?

John Millais was influenced by Albrecht Durer, Thomas Gainsborough, and Jan Van Eyck.

What Art Movement was John Millais Associated With?

John Millais was associated with the Realism and Pre-Raphaelite art movements.

John Millais Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of John Millais

A Souvenir of Velazquez



Apple Blossoms





Christ in the House of His Parents






Dew Drenched Furze



Ferdinand Lured by Ariel



Hearts are Trumps






Little Speedwell’s Darling Blue



Mary Chamberlain






Message From the Sea






Sweet Emma Morland



The Blind Girl



The Bridesmaid



The Girlhood of St. Teresa



The Woodman’s Daughter

All John Millais Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
The Eve Of St Agnes 1863 Watercolor
Mariana In The Moated Grange 1850-51 Oil On Panel
Louise Jopling 1879 Oil On Canvas
The Blind Girl 1854-56 Oil on Canvas
The Bridesmaid 1851 Oil on Panel
Christ in the House of His Parents (The Carpenter's Shop) 1849 Oil on Canvas
Ferdinand Lured by Ariel 1849-50 Oil on panel
Ophelia 1851 - 1852 Oil on Canvas
The Order of Release, 1746 1852-53 Oil on Canvas
The Martyr of the Solway 1871 Oil on Canvas
The Boyhood of Raleigh 1869-70 Oil on Canvas
Chill October 1870 Oil on Canvas
Autumn Leaves 1855-56 Oil on Canvas
William Ewart Gladstone 1879 Oil on Canvas
The Return of the Dove to the Ark 1851 Oil on Canvas
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