Joseph Beuys Biography and Artwork

Joseph Beuys was a German avant-garde sculptor and performance artist. He was associated with the international Conceptual art and Fluxus movements, which focused on challenging traditional notions of art. Beuys’ work reflected concepts of humanism, sociology, and anthroposophy. His artwork was evocative of his exploration of the human experience, physical and emotional.

Beuys viewed art as a vehicle for revolutionary social transformation; this is demonstrated in his idea of social sculpture, which aims to create works that involve people in their production, making them active participants rather than passive observers. Throughout his career, Beuys pushed boundaries with provocative artworks that often incorporated everyday materials like felt and animal fat.

As well as being an artist, Beuys was a social sculptor, educator, mystic and radio operator. In fact he saw himself more as an educator than an artist. His extensive work culminated in his “extended definition of art,” which included the idea of social sculpture – an expanded concept where society itself could become a work of art.

Joseph Beuys remains one of the most influential artists from the post-war era. Though he passed away in 1986 aged 64 years old , his contributions are still celebrated today by those who continue to push new ground within Conceptual Art practices globally.

All Joseph Beuys Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
King's Daughter Sees Iceland 1960 collage,gouache,pencil,felt,paper
Halved Felt Cross with Dust Image Magda 1960 - 1965 collage,metal,dust,felt,nails,paper,wire
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