Juan Gris – Artwork & Bio of the Spanish Painter

Juan Gris was a Spanish painter born on 23 March 1887 in Madrid, Spain. Gris, discovering his interest and ability in art, abandoned school to focus on painting. He studied under José Moreno Carbonero in Madrid. In 1906, Gris moved to Paris, where he worked as an illustrator before his association with Picasso, and Braque shifted his attention to Cubism.

Despite the financial restrictions that the war years caused him, Gris continued to win acclaim among viewers and critics and held his first solo exhibition in 1919. He frequently painted until he suffered a lung illness. During this period, Gris participated in exhibitions that increased his reputation until he died on 11 May 1927, aged only 40.

What was Juan Gris Known For?

Following his association with Picasso, Braque, and Matisse, Gris worked similarly to his friends, using a restricted palette, linear grids, and geometric planes. However, his later works showcased a bold and broad palette and collage composition. Subsequently, Gris focused his art on depicting peasant figures with lush colors and textures.

Who was Juan Gris Influenced By?

Jose Carbonero, Georges Braque, and Pablo Picasso influenced Juan Gris’ artworks. Picasso and Gris both studied under Carbonero, who taught his students the basic rudiments of Cubism. However, Gris’ involvement with abstractions began when he moved to Paris and became friends with Braque, Matisse, and Picasso.

What Art Movement was Juan Gris Associated With?

Juan Gris was associated with the Cubism art movement. Specifically, Gris worked in Analytic and Synthetic Cubism techniques, which were differentiated only by the palette and geometric compositions.

Juan Gris Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Juan Gris


Figure of a woman

Guitar and Clarinet

Guitar and Newspaper


Harlequin with Guitar

Juan Legua

Portrait de Madame Josette Gris

Portrait of Pablo Picasso

Self Portrait

Still Life on a Table

Still Life with a Bottle of Wine and an Earthenware Water Jug

Still life with a bottle of wine

Still life with flowers

The bag of coffee

The violin


All Juan Gris Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Harlequin At A Table 1919 Oil On Canvas
The Siphon 1913 Oil on Canvas
Bottle and Glass on a Table 1914 Oil on Canvas
Bottles and Knife 1911 - 1912 Oil on Canvas
Fruit Dish, Glass, and Lemon (Still Life with Newspaper) 1916 Oil on Canvas
Fruit Dish and Carafe 1914 Oil, papier colle and charcoal on Canvas
Glass of Beer and Playing Cards 1913 Oil on Canvas
Landscape with Houses at Ceret 1913 Oil on Canvas
Portrait of Josette Gris 1916 Oil on Canvas
Portrait of Picasso 1912 Oil on Canvas
Still Life before an Open Window Place Ravignan 1915 Oil on Canvas
Still Life with Fruit Dish and Mandolin 1919 Oil on Canvas
Still-life with Oil Lamp 1911 - 1912 Oil on Canvas
Teacups 1914 Oil on Canvas
The Breakfast 1915 oil,charcoal,Canvas
The Mountain Le Canigou 1921 Oil on Canvas
The Painter's Window 1925 Oil on Canvas
The Pot of Geraniums 1915 Oil on Canvas
Untitled (Violin and Ink Bottle on a Table) 1913 Oil on Canvas
Violin and Checkerboard 1913 Oil on Canvas
Water-bottle, Bottle, and Fruit-dish 1915 Oil on Canvas
A Man in a Cafe 1914 oil and papers pasted on Canvas
Breakfast 1914 oil,gouache,Crayon,paper
Fantomas (Pipe and Newspaper) 1915 Oil on Canvas
Guitar and Music Paper 1926 - 1927 Oil on Canvas
Guitar on a Chair 1913 Oil on Canvas
Guitar on a Table 1915 Oil on Canvas
Harlequin with Guitar 1919 Oil on Canvas
Landscape at Ceret 1913 oil on Canvas
Musician's Table 1914
Pears and Grapes on a Table 1913 Oil on Canvas
Still Life with Checked Tablecloth 1915 Oil on Canvas
Still Life with Flowers 1912 Oil on Canvas
The Bottle of Banyuls 1914 collage,gouache
The Guitar 1913 Oil on Canvas
The Guitar 1913 Oil on Canvas
The Guitar 1913 Oil on Canvas
The Open Window 1921 Oil on Canvas
The Violin 1914 Oil on three-ply panel
Three Lamps 1910 - 1911 Watercolor on paper
Violin and Glass 1915 Oil on Canvas
Violin and Guitar 1913 Oil on Canvas

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