Keith Haring – Artwork & Bio of the American Muralist

Keith Haring was an American muralist and graffiti artist born on 4 May 1958 in Reading, Pennsylvania. Haring’s artistic interest developed early, owing to the influence of watching his father draw comics. After graduating high school, he enrolled at the Ivy School of Professional Art to study commercial art but dropped out after two semesters.

Haring continued studying on his own, developing his style based on the works of past artists. He held his first solo exhibition in 1978 at the Pittsburgh Arts and Crafts Centre. Shortly after, Haring relocated to New York, where he enrolled at The School of Visual Arts. During this period, Haring discovered, became interested in, and actively participated in public drawings.

By his early twenties, Haring had earned a reputation for himself as a street artist and participated in notable exhibitions, such as the Sao Paulo Biennal, Documenta 7, and the Whitney Biennale. He continued winning acclaim and exhibiting worldwide. Haring died of AIDS-related complications on 16 February 1990.

What was Keith Haring Known For?

Keith Haring was known for drawing murals and street graffiti. Haring was famous for using simple imagery and alternating monochrome and bright colors to create cartoon-like pictures that immediately captured the audience’s attention. Haring also subtly addressed social issues like drug addiction, STDs, and apartheid with his work.

Who was Keith Haring Influenced By?

Keith Haring was influenced by his childhood cartoons, Pierre Alechinsky, and Christo Javajeff. Haring, born to a father who drew comics as a hobby, enjoyed animations and cartoons as a child. Subsequently, in the late-1970s, Alechinsky’s works influenced him to paint large-scale works, while Christo encouraged his public art.

What Art Movement was Keith Haring Associated With?

Keith Haring was associated with the Graffiti and Pop Art movements.

Keith Haring Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Keith Haring

Barking Dog



Best Buddies



Chocolate Buddha 1



Crack is Wack



Fight Aids Worldwide



Flowers IV



Ignorance = Fear



Keith and Julia



Lucky Strike



Monkey Puzzle



Piglet Goes Shopping



Pop Shop 1



Pop Shop III



Radiant Baby







The Tree of Monkeys




All Keith Haring Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Untitled (for cy Twombly) 1988 Acrylic On Canvas
Keith Haring Drawing In The New York City Subway 1981
Drawing In New York City Subway 1983
Untitled 1981
Untitled 1981 Acrylic on Canvas
Untitled 1981 Acrylic on Canvas
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