Kurt Schwitters – Artwork & Bio of the German Painter

Kurt Schwitters was a German painter born on June 20, 1887, in Hanover, Germany. Kurt was the only child of his parents. In 1900, he traveled with his father to the World’s Art Fair in Paris. Kurt enrolled at the Dresden Academy in 1909, studying there till 1915. Since 1901, Schwitters struggled with epilepsy, which saw him initially exempted from military service.

In 1918, Schwitters held his first solo exhibition at the Der Sturm Gallery in Berlin and earned recognition from the public and artists of the Dada movement. Schwitters started producing the Merz magazine in 1923, which he had named his unique style. He also worked as a graphic designer and typographer for children’s stories.

Though Schwitters did not achieve much commercial success, he exhibited widely all over Europe. The later years of Schwitter’s career saw him move around frequently due to the war. Eventually settling in the United Kingdom, Schwitters suffered a health condition that left him bedridden before his death on January 8, 1948.

What was Kurt Schwitters Known For?

Kurt Schwitters was known for applying various genres and mediums, such as painting, poetry, installations, typography, and sculpture. Schwitters made collages with street litter and scraps, focused on aesthetics, and conveyed meanings that were relatively translated by viewers.

Who was Kurt Schwitters Influenced By?

Kurt Schwitters was influenced by artists of the Dada movement, such as Hans Arp and El Lissitzky, and Raoul Hausmann. Schwitters shifted to the Dada art style in 1918 after associating with the network of avant-garde artists in Berlin. At the same time, due to financial constraints, Schwitters made aesthetic artworks out of street litter and scraps.

What Art Movement was Kurt Schwitters Associated With?

Kurt Schwitters was associated with the Dada art movement.

Kurt Schwitters Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Kurt Schwitters


Chicken and Egg

Construction for Noble Ladies

For Kate

Forms in Space

Heavy Relief

Hitler Gang



Mother and egg

Mountain Graveyard

Picture with Light Center

Relief in Relief

Santa Claus

The Clown

The Spring Door

All Kurt Schwitters Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Die Fruhlingstur (the Spring Door) 1938 Assemblage
Merzbild Rossfett c. 1919 Assemblage
Das Kreisen (revolving) 1919 Assemblage
(pino Antoni) c. 1933-34 Collage
Mz 410 Irgendsowas (something Or Other) 1922 Collage
Merzbild Einunddreissig (merzpicture Thirty-one) 1920 Assemblage
Bild Mit Heller Mitte (picture With Light Center) 1919
Heavy Relief 1945 Assemblage
Die Heilige Nacht Von Antonio Allegri Gen. Correggio, Worked 1947 Collage
Aquarell 1 Das Herz Geht Vom Zucker Zum Kaffee 1919 Watercolor And Pencil On Paper
Hochgebirgsfriedhof (mountain Graveyard) 1919 Oil On Board
Glass Flower 1940 Assemblage
Mz 169. Formen Im Raum (forms In Space) 1920 Collage
(elikan) c. 1925 Collage
Merzbild 1924, I. Relief Mit Kruez Und Kugel 1924
Bild 1926, 3.cicero 1926
Merz Picture 25A The Star Picture 1920 collage,oil,cardboard
Mz 231. Miss Blanche 1923 collage
(Hitler Gang) c.1944 collage
Cherry Picture 1921 collage,gouache,objet trouve,cardboard,wood
Der Weihnachtsmann (Santa Claus) 1922 collage
Konstruktion fur edle Frauen (Construction for Noble Ladies) 1919 assemblage
Blauer Vogel (Blue Bird) c. 1922 Collage
(Mai 191) c.1919 collage
Bild 1926, 12.Kleines Seemannsheim 1926 assemblage
Merzbilde med regnbue (Merzpicture with Rainbow) c.1939 assemblage
Neues Merzbild (New Merzpicture) 1931 assemblage
(Difficult) 1942 - 1943 collage
For Kate 1947 collage
Merzbild Alf 1939 assemblage
Oorlog 1930 collage
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