Lovis Corinth Biography and Artwork

Lovis Corinth was a renowned German painter and printmaker who made significant contributions to the Impressionist and Expressionist movements in art. Born in Tapiau, Germany, he demonstrated his artistic talents from a young age and received extensive academic training to hone his skills.

Corinth’s works are characterized by their versatility, featuring landscapes, interiors, portraits, as well as biblical or mythological scenes. He produced over 900 graphic works during his lifetime, including 60 self-portraits that captured his evolution as an artist.

Despite coming from humble beginnings, Corinth went on to become the president of the Berlin Secession group after studying in Paris and Munich. His mature work skillfully synthesized impressionism and expressionism to produce unique pieces that captivated audiences worldwide.

In conclusion , Lovis Corinth’s art continues to inspire generations through its versatility and distinct style. His contribution to the world of impressionism and expressionism has forever solidified him as one of Germany’s most famous painters.

All Lovis Corinth Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Ecce Homo 1925 Oil on Canvas
Das trojanische Pferd (The Trojan horse) 1924 Oil on Canvas
Samson Blinded 1912 Oil on Canvas
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