Luca Signorelli Biography and Artwork

Luca Signorelli, a renowned Italian Renaissance painter born in Cortona, Tuscany, was known for his exceptional skills as a draftsman and unique use of foreshortening. Having studied under Piero della Francesca and Benedetto Bonfigli, he developed an individual style that later formed the basis of many masterpieces.

Signorelli’s works are characterized by their immense scale, evident in his magnum opus Last Judgment frescoes (1499-1503) adorning Orvieto Cathedral. He is also revered for being one of the select few artists chosen by Pope Sixtus IV to decorate the interior of Sistine Chapel. Despite this acclaim, some critics consider his later works uninspired and commonplace.

Apart from working extensively in Cortona and Orvieto, Signorelli left behind timeless masterpieces in Umbria and Rome as well. His series of frescoes at Orvieto Cathedral remains one of his flagship achievements today.

In conclusion, Luca Signorelli’s contribution to the Renaissance period is exceptional even today; inspiring young artists to embrace drawing techniques and creating artworks with vast mural expanse.

All Luca Signorelli Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Allegory Of Fecundity And Abundance c. 1500 Oil On Panel
The Crucifixion with St. Mary Magdalen c.1490 Oil on Canvas
The Holy Family c.1490 Oil on Wood
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