Mary Cassatt Biography and Artwork

Mary Cassatt was a prominent artist in the Impressionist movement, known for her portrayals of women in everyday life. Born in Allegheny, Pennsylvania, Cassatt spent most of her adult life in France, where she befriended notable artists such as Edgar Degas and exhibited with the Impressionists.

Cassatt’s journey to become a professional artist began as a teenager when she resolved to pursue art seriously. After several years of studying at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, she traveled to Paris for private lessons with leading artists. Despite facing gender barriers common to 19th-century society, Cassatt defied expectations and became one of the few female artists recognized during her time.

One of Cassatt’s signature techniques was depicting women involved in ordinary daily tasks. Her art helped paved the way for women artists who wanted to challenge societal norms by focusing on the mundane aspects of everyday life. In addition to creating works like these in France, Cassatt also assisted Americans with collecting Impressionist art and played an instrumental role in bringing this artistic style across the ocean.

In summary, Mary Cassatt was an accomplished artist who broke barriers within 19th-century societal norms through her artwork that focused on women doing ordinary tasks. Her dedication allowed future generations of female artists’ recognition for their contributions throughout history while reshaping cultural standards affiliated with beauty standards and gender roles.

All Mary Cassatt Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Child Picking a Fruit 1893 Oil on Canvas
La Toilette c.1898 Oil on Canvas
Woman In Black (femme En Noir) c. 1882 Oil On Canvas
Young Woman Trying On A Dress 1890-91 Drypoint And Aquatint On Cream Laid Paper
Lady At The Tea Table 1883 Oil On Canvas
Self-portrait c. 1880 Watercolor On Ivory Wove Paper
Lydia In A Loge, Wearing A Pearl Necklace 1879 Oil On Canvas
The Letter 1890-91 Drypoint And Aquatint On Cream Laid Paper
The Lamp 1890-91 Drypoint And Aquatint On Cream Laid Paper
Portrait Of A Lady 1877 Oil On Canvas
Woman Standing, Holding A Fan 1878-79
Lydia Seated At An Embroidery Frame 1880-81 Oil On Canvas
Driving 1881 Oil On Canvas
The Bath 1890-91 Drypoint And Aquatint On Cream Laid Paper
The Banjo Lesson 1893-94 Pastel Over Oiled Pastel On Tan Wove Paper
Young Girl At A Window c. 1883 Oil On Canvas
Young Mother 1900 Oil on Canvas
Autumn 1880 Oil on Canvas
Children on the Beach 1884 Oil on Canvas
Le the (Five O'Clock Tea) 1880 Oil on Canvas
Portrait of a Little Girl 1878 Oil on Canvas
Young Women Picking Fruit c.1891 - c.1892 Oil on Canvas
Mother and Child c.1889 watercolor
Girl Arranging Her Hair 1886 Oil on Canvas
The Boating Party 1893 - 1894 Oil on Canvas
Lydia Crocheting in the Garden at Marly 1880 Oil on Canvas
Mother and Child c.1889 watercolor
Summertime 1894 Oil on Canvas
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