Masaccio Biography and Artwork

Masaccio was an early Renaissance painter born in San Giovanni Valdarno, Florence in 1401. His father was a notary and his grandfather an innkeeper. Masaccio began working as a painter in Florence when he was just 17 years old.

He’s widely regarded as one of the most significant painters of the early 15th century and the most important painter in the Quattrocentro era of the Renaissance. Masaccio’s paintings marked a turning point in Western art; he was the first authentic Renaissance artist to incorporate linear perspective into his work, creating realistic portrayals of space that emphasized depth and distance.

Masaccio’s frescoes at Brancacci Chapel located in Santa Maria del Carmine are considered to be his masterpiece wherein he broke new ground for depicting religious themes with naturalism. The ‘Expulsion from Eden’ included elaborate landscaping and facial expressions making it much more relatable for common people rather than being unrealistic like many religious paintings commissioned by wealthy patrons during that time.

Sadly, Masaccio passed away at a young age due to unknown reasons while still residing in Rome. Nonetheless, throughout his relatively short life, Masaccio left behind an incredible legacy through innovative painting techniques that would continue to influence artists throughout history up till today.

All Masaccio Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Ss. Jerome And Augustine 1426 Poplar
Two Carmelite Saints 1426 Poplar
Saint Jerome And Saint John The Baptist (detail) 1423-24 Tempera And Oil Mix (?) And Gold Leaf On Panel
Madonna and Child c.1426 Tempera on Panel
Profile Portrait of a Young Man 1423 - 1425 wood
Saint Jerome and Saint John the Baptist 1423-24 Tempera and oil mix (?) and gold leaf on panel
Saint Peter Distributing Alms and the Death of ananias (Detail) 1425-26 Fresco
Saint Peter Distributing Alms and the Death of Ananias 1425-26 Fresco
Saint Peter Healing with His shadow (detail) 1425-26 Fresco
Saint Peter Healing with His Shadow 1425-26 Fresco
Saints Liberius and Matthias c. 1428 Egg tempera on poplar, transferred to synthetic panel
St. Anne Metterza c. 1424 Tempera on panel
St. Peter Enthroned c. 1424-28 Fresco
The Adoration of the Magi 1426
The Virgin and Child 1426 tempera
Trinity (Detail of Mary) 1427-28 Fresco
Trinity (Detail of Saint John) 1427-28 Fresco
The Crucifixion of St Peter - The Beheading of St John the Baptist 1426
Tribute Money c. 1424-28 Fresco
Trinity 1427-28 Fresco
Baptism of the Neophytes 1426 - 1427 fresco
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