Milton Avery – Artwork & Bio of the American Painter

Milton Avery was an American painter born on March 7, 1885, in Sand Bar, New York. Unlike many artists, art was not Avery’s first interest, and he initially worked in construction and mechanics. To make extra income, Avery tried to enroll in a lettering class at the Connecticut League of Art Students. He would eventually sign up for a drawing class and develop a passion.

Avery subsequently took part-time classes at the School of the Art Society of Hartford while working as a clerk to support his family. In 1925, Avery moved to New York, where he married and enrolled in night classes at the Art Students League. Avery constantly found encouragement in his wife, a commercial illustrator.

In the mid-1930s, Avery started gaining recognition and winning acclaim for his works. He held his first one-man exhibition in 1944 at the Phillips Collection in Washington. Suffering a heart attack in 1949 proved a huge setback to his career as his work rate reduced. Avery suffered a subsequent heart attack that kept him hospitalized for years, eventually leading to his death on 3 January 1965.

What was Milton Avery Known For?

Milton Avery was known for painting landscapes, portraits, and genre scenes. Avery was distinct in his use of simplified forms and expert colorism in his works. Influenced by the artworks of the Fauvists, Avery expressed moods and emotions through colors, using bold combinations and elaborate brushstrokes. He primarily worked in oil paints.

Who was Milton Avery Influenced By?

Milton Avery was influenced by Henri Matisse and Edouard Vuillard. While studying at the Art Students League, Avery developed his artistic ability by studying the works of Mattise and Vuillard.

What Art Movement was Milton Avery Associated With?

Milton Avery was associated with the American Modernism art movement.

Milton Avery Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Milton Avery

Artist’s Wife


Bicycle Rider by the Loire


Birds Over Sky

Checker Players






Female Painter



Gaspe Pink Sky



Green Sea





Offshore Island



Onrushing Wave



Sally Avery with Still Life

Sea Grasses and Blue Sea


Vermont Hills



White Wave

All Milton Avery Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
White Wave 1954 Oil On Canvas
Three Cows On Hillside 1945 Oil On Canvas
Spring Orchard 1959 Oil On Canvas
Sheep 1952 Oil On Canvas
Maternity 1950 Oil On Canvas
Man And Dog 1950 Oil On Canvas
Green Sea 1954 Oil On Canvas
Dark Forest 1958 Oil On Canvas
Bridge To The Sea 1944 Oil On Canvas
Black Sea 1959 Oil On Canvas
Self-portrait 1941 Oil On Canvas
Sea Grasses and Blue Sea 1958 Oil on Canvas
Autumn 1944 Oil on Canvas
Gaspe - Pink Sky 1940 Oil on Canvas
Vermont Hills 1936 Oil on Canvas
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