Norman Rockwell Biography and Artwork

Born in New York City in 1894, Norman Rockwell was an American illustrator and painter who left behind a tremendous legacy. He began his artistic career at the age of 17 and subsequently created over 320 covers for The Saturday Evening Post, which were widely celebrated for depicting American culture.

Rockwell’s works are notable for their depiction of vintage America, portraying ordinary people undergoing everyday experiences. His pieces reflected American family values and culture with homespun characters that resonated with audiences throughout the country. This contributed to his broad appeal and popularity within the United States.

Rockwell had a strong relationship with the Boy Scouts of America, contributing illustrations to their annual calendars over many years, which always incorporated picturesque landscapes or scenes representing traditional Scouts-related activities. In addition to painting, he also worked as an art teacher in various institutions such as The Art Students League of New York.

The artist passed away in Stockbridge, Massachusetts at age 84, leaving behind an extensive collection now worth millions that continues to fascinate those who admire his oeuvre. His works were characterized by their high level of technical detail and movement towards minimalist composition style in his later years. Today Norman Rockwell is considered one of the most important artists like Edward Hopper shaping American identity through storytelling imagery from the early-mid nineteen century on white canvases while being a prominent figure during this time period making a massive impact on how we perceive such artistic forms today.

All Norman Rockwell Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
The Connoisseur 1962 Oil on Canvas
Let's Give Him Enough and On Time 1942 Oil on Canvas
Girl with Black Eye 1953 Oil on Canvas
Triple Self-Portrait 1960 Oil on Canvas
Freedom from Fear 1943 Oil on Canvas
Freedom from Want 1943 Oil on Canvas
Freedom of Speech 1943 Oil on Canvas
Freedom to Worship 1943 Oil on Canvas
Shuffleton's Barbershop 1950 Oil on Canvas
Southern Justice (Murder in Mississippi) 1965 Oil on Canvas
Art Critic 1955 Oil on Canvas
Girl at Mirror 1954 Oil on Canvas
New Television Antenna 1949 Oil on Canvas
No Swimming 1921 Oil on Canvas
Rosie the Riveter 1943 oil
The Runaway 1958 Oil on Canvas
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