Pablo Picasso – Artwork & Bio of the Spanish Painter

Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter born on 25 October 1881 in Malaga, Spain. Picasso began to show a talent for art at an early age and received his first lessons from his father. At 13, Picasso had developed an ability that surpassed his father’s. The following year, he moved with his family to Barcelona, where he entered the School of Fine Arts.

Picasso found the academic curricula restricting, even after switching to the Royal Academy of San Fernando in 1897. He spent plenty of time skipping classes to roam and paint street scenes. In the early 1900s, Picasso moved to Paris, where he opened his studio. His professional career boasts a portfolio of experimentations with different mediums and themes.

Picasso was famous for his expertise and earned the patronage of wealthy individuals like Ambroise Vollard. His experimentations often reflected his mood or emotional state. After the Second World War, Picasso joined the Communist party and became more involved in politics. Consequently, he won the International Lenin Peace Prize twice.

Picasso’s legacy remains evergreen, as he remains one of the most famous artists the world has ever seen, matching his celebrity status with a plethora of masterpieces, highly coveted years after his death. He died in Mougins on 8 April 1973 of heart failure while having dinner with his wife and friends.

What was Pablo Picasso Known For?

Pablo Picasso was known for painting several masterpieces in different mediums and styles. Critics categorized Picasso’s works by the dominating color of his artworks. Hence, the artist’s periods include Blue Period, Rose Period, and the Classical Period. Picasso is also known as one of the forerunners of Cubism.

What Art Movement is Pablo Picasso Associated With?

Pablo Picasso is associated with Realism, Cubism, and Surrealism artworks.

Pablo Picasso Artwork

Below are some of the masterpieces of Pablo Picasso

A Red Skirt

A spanish couple in front of inn

Bulls’s Head

Child with dove

First Communion

Girl in Front of Mirror

Girl on the ball



Massacre in Korea

Science and Charity

Still Life with Caned Chair

The Blind Man’s Meal

The Blue Room

The Dream

The Girls of Avignon

The Old Guitarist 

The Weeping Woman

Woman with Cat

All Pablo Picasso Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
White Owl on Red Ground (Hibou Blanc sur Fond Rouge) 1957 Ceramic
The Guitar Player 1910 Oil on Canvas
The Man with the Golden Helmet (after Rembrandt) 1969 Oil on Canvas
Still Life with Death's Head (Composition with Skull) 1907 Oil on Canvas
Still Life with Violin and Fruit 1912 Charcoal, black chalk, watercolor, oil paint, coarse
Self-portrait 1899-1900 Charcoal On Paper
Woman Ironing 1904 Oil On Canvas
Musketeer With Pipe 1968 Oil On Canvas
L'aubade 1965 Oil On Canvas
Portrait Of Daniel-henry Kahnweiler 1910 Oil On Canvas
Harlequin And Woman With A Necklace 1917 Oil On Canvas
Woman in an Armchair 1941 Oil on Canvas
Au Bon Marche 1913 collage,oil,cardboard
The Dance 1925 Oil on Canvas
Evocation (The Burial of Casagemas) 1901 Oil on Canvas
Guernica 1937 Oil on Canvas
Seated Old Man 1970 Oil on Canvas
Seated Man (Self-portrait) 1965 Oil on Canvas
Glass and Bottle of Suze 1912 charcoal,collage,gouache,cardboard
Portrait of Ambroise Vollard 1910 Oil on Canvas
Glass of Absinthe 1914 Painted bronze with perforated silver absinthe spoon
Accordionist 1911 Oil on Canvas
The Aficionado 1912 Oil on Canvas
Les Demoiselles d'Avignon 1907 Oil on Canvas
Brick Factory in Tortosa (Factory at Horta de Ebro) 1909 Oil on Canvas
Maquette for Guitar 1912 collage,oil,cardboard
Houses on the Hill, Horta de Ebro 1909 Oil on Canvas
Man with a Hat 1912 charcoal,collage,paper
Man with a Violin 1912 Oil on Canvas
Las Meninas (after Velazquez) 1957 Oil on Canvas
Landscape with Bridge 1909 Oil on Canvas
Rembrandtesque Figure and Cupid 1969 Oil on Canvas
Reservoir at Horta 1909 oil
Still-life with Fruit-dish on a Table 1914-15 Oil on Canvas
Self-portrait with Uncombed Hair 1896 Oil on Canvas
Self Portrait Yo Picasso 1901 Oil on Canvas
Self-portrait Yo 1901 Oil on Canvas
Self-portrait with Cloak 1901 Oil on Canvas
Self-portrait with a Palette 1906 Oil on Canvas
Self Portrait Facing Death 1972 Pencil and Crayon on paper
Skull and Pitcher 1945 Oil on Canvas
Spanish Still Life Sun and Shadow 1912 Oil and ripolin on Canvas
Gertrude Stein 1906 Oil on Canvas
House in a Garden (House and Trees) 1908 Oil on Canvas
Woman Sitting in an Armchair, 12 October 1941 1941 Oil on Canvas
Woman with a Cigarette 1903 Oil on Canvas
Acrobat and Young Harlequin (Acrobate et jeune Arlequin) 1905 Oil on Canvas
The Young Painter 1972 Oil on Canvas
The Glass 1911 Oil on Canvas
Boy with a Pipe (P'tit Louis) 1905 Oil on Canvas
Portrait of Carlota Valdivia (later called Celestina) 1903 Oil on Canvas
The Old Guitarist 1903 Oil on Canvas
Ma Jolie (Woman with a Zither or Guitar) 1912 Oil on Canvas
Bottle of Vieux Marc, Glass, and Newspaper 1913 collage,Ink on Paper
Composition The Peasants (Composition les paysans) 1906 Oil on Canvas
Girl with a Mandolin (Fanny Tellier) 1910 Oil on Canvas
Guitar, Sheet Music, Glass 1912 collage,Ink on Paper
Large Heads 1969 Oil on Canvas
Portrait of a Girl 1914 Oil on Canvas
Siphon, Glass, Newspaper, and Violin 1912 Pasted paper and charcoal
Souvenir de Havre 1912 Oil on Canvas
Still Life on a Piano 1911 Oil on Canvas
Still Life with bowl and Fruit 1912 chalk,charcoal,oil,watercolor,cardboard
Still Life with Chair-Caning 1912 collage
The Dream 1932 Oil on Canvas
The Scallop Shell Notre Avenir est dans l'air. 1912 Oil on Canvas (oval)
Three Musicians 1921 Oil on Canvas
Woman and Child on the Seashore 1921 Oil on Canvas
Portrait of Jaime Sabartes 1901 Oil on Canvas
The Death of Casagemas 1901 Oil on Wood
Glass and Bottle of Bass 1914 Pasted paper and charcoal on cardboard
Head of a Woman (Olga Picasso) 1935 Oil on Canvas
Paul as Harlequin 1924 Oil on Canvas
Portrait of Manuel Pallares 1909 Oil on Canvas
Portrait of Wilhelm Uhde 1910 Oil on Canvas
Self-portrait c.1900 charcoal,paper
Three Women 1908 Oil on Canvas
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