Paul Signac – Artwork & Bio of the French Painter

Paul Signac was a French painter born on 11 November 1863 in Paris, France. As a teenager, Signac was drawn to art and encouraged by his parents. Most of his art education came from copying and recreating the works of famous artists and attending exhibitions. Signac started painting professionally at eighteen and exhibited his works at the Salon des Artistes Indépendants as early as 1884.

Signac’s socialization with artists and art groups led to his highly-productive relationship with Georges Seurat, with whom he promoted a new painting style. In 1885, Signac, Seurat, and a few other artists ushered in the Neo-Impressionism art movement, marking the end of Impressionism. Signac’s political inclinations became evident in his works in the 1890s.

In 1897, Signac moved to Saint Tropez with his wife and set up his studio in his newly-acquired house. Signac kept creating artwork till his old age, painting into the last decade of his life. In addition to the numerous works in different mediums that Signac painted, he also wrote various essays and pieces. He died on 15 August 1935 from bacterial blood poisoning.

What was Paul Signac Known For?

Paul Signac was known for painting landscapes, outdoor scenes, and interiors. Drawn to Monet’s works from childhood, Signac often painted similar subject matter and adopted the Plein air method. Signac is also renowned for his pivotal role in developing and popularizing Neo-Impressionism.

Who was Paul Signac Influenced By?

Paul Signac was influenced by Claude Monet and Georges Seurat. Of all the artists whose works he copied, Monets intrigued Signac the most. Signac adopted many of Monet’s techniques, color schemes, and subject matter. Signac’s later works show the impact of his association with Seurat.

What Art Movement was Paul Signac Associated With?

Paul Signac was associated with the Neo-Impressionism art movement.

Paul Signac Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Paul Signac

Antibes, the Pink Cloud


Canal of Overschie


Entrance to the Grand Canal, Venice


Setting Sun, Sardine Fishing, Adagio




The Bonaventure Vine


The Dining Room


The Jetty at Cassis


The Milliner


The Papal Palace, Avignon


The Pine Tree at St. Tropez


The Port of La Rochelle


The Port of Saint Tropez


The Red Buoy


Woman with a Parasol


Women at the Well

All Paul Signac Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Women At The Well, Opus 238 1892 Oil On Canvas
Grand Canal, Venice 1905 Oil On Canvas
Sunset, Herblay, Opus 206 1889 Oil On Canvas
Sunday 1888-90 Oil On Canvas
The Coastal Path, Saint-tropez 1894 Watercolor And Ink
Houses In The Port, Saint-tropez, Opus 237 1892 Oil On Canvas
Still Life With Pitcher 1919 Watercolor And Graphite
Still Life With A Book And Oranges 1885 Oil On Canvas
The Large Pine, Saint-tropez c. 1892-93 Oil On Canvas
Above Saint-tropez, The Customs House Pathway 1905 Oil On Canvas
Le Pin De Bonaventura A Saint-tropez 1892 Oil On Canvas
Against the Enamel of a Background Rhythmic with Beats and Angles, Tones and Colors, Portrait of M Felix Feneon in 1890 1890 Oil on Canvas
Cap Lombard, Cassis, Opus 196 1889 Oil on Canvas
Evening, Avignon (Chateau des Papes) 1909 Oil on Canvas
Portrait of Felix Feneon, Opus 217 1890-91 Oil on Canvas
Snow, Boulevard de Clichy, Paris 1886 Oil on Canvas
The Dining Room, Opus 152 1886-1887 Oil on Canvas
Two Cypresses, Mistral, Opus 241 1893 Oil on Canvas
Port of La Rochelle 1921 Oil on Canvas
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