Phillip Guston – Artwork & Bio of the American Painter

Phillip Guston was an American painter born on 27 June 1913 in Montreal, Canada. As a young boy, Guston occupied himself with comic books and drawing them, prompting his mother to enroll him at the Cleveland School of Cartooning. Subsequently, he attended the Manual Arts High School and Otis Art Institute. After his education, Guston took an interest in murals and enrolled in the Works Progress Administration Federal Arts Project.

In 1935, Guston relocated to New York, where he continued painting murals till 1942, when he switched to easel painting. Guston focused on abstractions and won acclaim for his works in the 1950s. During the final years of his career, Guston primarily painted in a surreal and figurative style. He died on 7 June 1980 in Woodstock, New York, leaving behind a rich legacy that inspires artists.

What was Phillip Guston Known For?

Guston’s early art was characterized by themes of political turmoil and struggling people. He painted murals that showcased the influence of his anti-war studies in Mexico. However, after settling in New York, Guston changed his style and subject to Abstract Expressionism, using a palette of restricted hues of oil paints.

Who was Phillip Guston Influenced By?

Guston’s early murals were influenced by Mexican muralists such as Diego Rivera, whose works he studied in Mexico and adopted a similar political theme. Subsequently, the artworks of Jackson Pollock, Giorgio de Chirico, and Paul Cezanne influenced Guston’s switch to abstract painting. During the last years of his career, Guston primarily painted figures influenced by Renaissance painters.

What Art Movement was Philip Guston Associated With?

Phillip Guston was associated with the Abstract Expressionism art movement, becoming one of the most important figures in the American art scene.

Phillip Guston Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Phillip Guston

As It Goes

City Limits

Couple in Bed


Head and Bottle

If This Be Not I

Inside – Outside

Last Piece

Martial Memory

Painting, Smoking, Eating

The Red Painting

The Street

The Studio

The Young Mother

To B.W.T.

To Fellini


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