Piero di Cosimo – Artwork & Bio of the Italian Painter

Piero di Cosimo was an Italian painter born on 2 January 1462 in Florence, Italy. Cosimo got his first art instructions as an apprentice in the studio of Cosimo Rosseli. Rosseli involved his apprentice in many of his commissions, completing the painting of the Sistine Chapel together in 1481.

In 1482, Piero traveled to Rome with Roselli, and during this period, he painted several classical works, affirming his roots in the Renaissance art world. Contrary to his fascinating painting style, Cosimo lived differently – rugged and often unhygienic. Georgio Vasari, a renaissance writer, and master referred to his way of life as beastly.

After the death of his master, Cosimo Rosseli, Piero began to live reclusively, spending the majority of his time in his studio. He also earned a reputation as a portraitist in his later years after completing portrait commissions from nobilities such as Simonetta Vespucci. Cosimo is recorded to have died from a plague on 12 April 1522.

What was Piero di Cosimo Known For?

Piero di Cosimo was known for his astonishing paintings, in which he often combined religious, biblical, and mythological themes in the same work. Cosimo also incorporated his fascination with animals and evolution in his paintings. He used fanciful compositions, a rich palette of bright colors, and vivid detailing.

Who was Piero di Cosimo Influenced By?

Piero di Cosimo was influenced by Cosimo Roselli, Luca Signorelli, Filippino Lippi, and Sandro Botticelli. Piero adopted the techniques, subjects, compositional arrangement, and imaginative ability of these artists, whom he either encountered or studied during his artistic journey.

What Art Movement was Piero di Cosimo Associated With?

Piero di Cosimo was associated with the High Renaissance art movement.

Piero di Cosimo Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Piero di Cosimo

A Young Man





Crucifixion of Christ



Giuliano da San Gallo



Madonna and Child with Saints and Angels



Magdalena Reading



Perseus Rescuing Andromeda



Portrait of Simonetta Vespucci

The Death of Procris

The Fight between the Lapiths and the Centaurs

The Finding of Vulcan on Lemnos



The Forest Fire



The Immaculate Conception with Saints



The Madonna and Child enthroned with Saints Onophrius and Augustine



The Misfortunes of Silenus



The Myth of Prometheus



Two Angels



Venus, Mars, and Cupid



Vulcan and Aeolus



Maria Magdalena


All Piero di Cosimo Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
The Finding of Vulcan on Lemnos c. 1495-1505 Oil and tempera on Canvas
The Discovery of Honey c. 1505-1510 Oil on panel
The Misfortunes Of Silenus c. 1505-1510 Oil On Panel
Vulcan and Aeolus c. 1495-1500 Oil and tempera on Canvas
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