Pierre-Auguste Renoir – Artwork & Bio of the French Painter

Pierre-Auguste Renoir (also known as simply Auguste Renoir) was a French painter born on 25 February 1841 in Limoges, France. Renoir’s early talent for decoration earned him a job in a porcelain factory in his hometown. In 1860, he started traveling to the Louvre to study the works of the Old Masters. Two years later, Renoir enrolled in the studio of Charles Gleyre, studying with Frederic Bazille, Claude Monet, and Alfred Sisley. Together, they painted en Plein air and became proponents of Impressionism.

Following constant rejections from the Salon, Renoir’s finances began to tilt downhill until the Impressionists started holding independent exhibitions. In his later years, due to physical limitations of ill health, Renoir stopped painting and attempted sculpting, completing several artworks. He died in his home on 3 December 1919.

What was Pierre-Auguste Renoir Known For?

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was known for painting landscapes, portraits, and scenes depicting the bourgeois Parisian life. When Renoir wasn’t painting landscapes from nature, he painted scenes of people in Paris living expressively. Despite his association with the movement fixated on capturing natural light, Renoir’s works always had an element of human realism.

Who was Pierre-Auguste Renoir Influenced By?

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was influenced by the works of Francois Boucher, Jean-Honore Frangorad, Eugene Delacroix, and Gustave Courbet. In the early-1860s, Renoir took several trips to the Louvre, where he was was influenced by the Old Masters and their loose applications of paint and brushstrokes. Renoir’s later works of portraiture were influenced by Gustave Courbet.

What Art Movement was Pierre-Auguste Renoir Associated With?

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was associated with the Impressionism Art Movement and the Realism Art Movement.

Later Life of Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Renoir continued to paint prolifically well into his later years despite battling rheumatoid arthritis, which severely affected his mobility. Despite the physical challenges, Renoir remained dedicated to his craft, often employing assistants to help him position his brushes or support his arms as he painted. This determination and love for painting allowed him to create some of his most celebrated works during this period.

In his later life, Renoir shifted his focus from landscapes and outdoor scenes to more intimate and sensual depictions of the female form and domestic life. His paintings during this time are characterized by their soft, luminous colors, fluid brushwork, and an emphasis on capturing the fleeting moments of everyday life. Renoir’s ability to convey the beauty and joy in simple, everyday scenes resonated with audiences and cemented his reputation as one of the masters of Impressionism.

Despite his physical limitations, Renoir remained deeply engaged with the art world and continued to exhibit his work in prestigious galleries and exhibitions. His influence extended beyond his own paintings, as he mentored and inspired a new generation of artists, including Henri Matisse and Pierre Bonnard, who admired his mastery of color and light.

Impact and Legacy of Renoir

Renoir’s impact on the art world was profound and enduring. His contributions to Impressionism helped to redefine the boundaries of traditional painting and paved the way for future movements such as Fauvism and Cubism. His ability to capture the fleeting beauty of everyday life continues to inspire artists and art lovers around the world, ensuring that his legacy remains vibrant and influential to this day.

All Pierre-Auguste Renoir Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Girl in a Red Hat 1913 oil,canvas
Girl in Blue 1918 oil,canvas
Girl looking into a mirror c.1912
Girl Reading 1890 oil,canvas
Girls c.1905 oil,canvas
Girls at the Piano 1892 oil,canvas
Girl s Head
Jean Renoir 1899 oil,canvas
Jean Renoir 1901 oil,canvas
Jean Renoir as a Hunter 1910 oil,canvas
Jean Renoir in a Chair (Child with a Biscuit) c.1895 oil,canvas
Jean Renoir Writing c.1899 oil,canvas
Joseph Durand Ruel 1882 oil,canvas
Jug oil,canvas
Jug oil,canvas
Julie Manet 1894 oil,canvas
Lady in a Black Dress 1876 oil,canvas
Le Jardin de la Poste (Cagnes) 1906
Lemons 1912 oil,canvas
Leonard Renoir 1869 oil,canvas
Leontine and Coco 1909 oil,canvas
Leontine Reading 1909 oil,canvas
Leontine Reading 1909 oil,canvas
Le Place Clichy c.1880 oil,canvas
Le Poste at Cagnes (study) 1905 oil,canvas
Lighthouse and Fort Carre Antibes 1916 oil,canvas
Lime Tree and Farmhouse c.1919
Nude Boys on the Rocks at Guernsey 1883 oil,canvas
Nude Fixing Her Hair 1885 oil,canvas
Nude girl reclining 1917
Nude in a Chair 1900
Nude in a landscape 1883
Nude in an Armchair c.1885 - 1890
Nude in a Straw Hat 1892 oil,canvas
Nude in the Greenery 1887 oil,canvas
Nude in the water
Nude on a Couch
Portrait of a Young Woman 1876 oil,canvas
Portrait of a Young Woman c.1883 - 1887 oil,canvas
Portrait of a young woman in white 1901
Portrait of Charles and Georges Durand Ruel 1882 oil,canvas
Portrait of Charles Terrasse c.1895 oil,canvas
Portrait of claude 1892
Portrait of Claude 1908 oil,canvas
Portrait of Claude Monet 1875 oil,canvas
Portrait of Claude Renoir c.1902 - 1903 oil,canvas
Portrait of Claude Renoir Painting 1907 oil,canvas
Roses in front of a blue curtain 1908 oil,canvas
Roses with a Landscape c.1912
Rue Caulaincourt 1905 oil,canvas
Rural Scene
Sailboats 1885 oil,canvas
Sailboats at Argenteuil
Sailboats at Argenteuil 1874 oil,canvas
Sailor Boy (Portrait of Robert Nunes) 1883 oil,canvas
Sara Looking to the Right c.1901
Scene Antique Femmes aux Peplums 1895 oil,canvas
Still Life with Grapes oil,canvas
Still Life with Lemons oil,canvas
Still Life with Lemons and Oranges 1881 oil,canvas
Still Life with Melon oil,canvas
Still Life with Melon 1882 oil,canvas
Still Life with Onions 1917 oil,canvas
Still Life with Orange and Sugar Bowl oil,canvas
Still Life with Peaches oil,canvas
Still Life with Peaches 1916 oil,canvas
The Cup of Chocolate 1878 oil,canvas
The Cup of Tea c.1906 - 1907 oil,canvas
The Dancer 1874 oil,canvas
The Daughters of Catulle Mendes 1888 oil,canvas
The Daughters of Paul Durand Ruel (Marie Theresa and Jeanne) 1882 oil,canvas
The Doges' Palace 1881 oil,canvas
The Duck Pond 1873 oil,canvas
The Edge of the Forest in Brittany 1893 oil,canvas
The Embroiderer (Woman Embroidering in a Garden) c.1898 oil,canvas
The End of Lunch 1879 oil,canvas
The Sunny Street c.1900 oil,canvas
The swimmer sitting
The Swing (La Balançoire) 1876 oil,canvas
The Test Garden in Algiers 1882 oil,canvas
The Thinker c.1876 - 1877 oil,canvas
The Umbrella 1878 oil,canvas
The Varangeville Church and the Cliffs 1880 oil,canvas
The View from Collettes 1910 - 1911
The Village oil,canvas
The Vineyards of Cagnes 1906 - c.1908 oil,canvas
Woman At the Chest 1919 oil,canvas
Woman at the fountain c.1910
Woman at the Garden 1873 oil,canvas
Woman at the Window with a View of Nice 1918 oil,canvas
Woman Combing Her Hair 1887
Woman Combing Her Hair 1907 - 1908 oil,canvas
Woman in a Blue Blouse c.1906 oil,canvas
Woman in a Blue Dress, Standing in the Garden of Saint Cloud 1899 oil,canvas
Woman in a Boat
Woman in a Chemise c.1897 oil,canvas
Young Girl in a Hat Decorated with Wildflowers 1880 oil,canvas
Young Girl in a Red Hat 1899 oil,canvas
Young Girl in a Straw Hat c.1884 oil,canvas
Young Girl in a Straw Hat 1890 oil,canvas
Young Girl in a White Hat 1891 oil,canvas
Young Girl in Blue (Head of a Blond Woman) c.1906 - 1909 oil,canvas
Young Girl in the Garden at Mezy 1891 oil,canvas
Young Girl in the Woods c.1910 oil,canvas
Young girl reading 1886 oil,canvas
Young Girl Reading 1888 oil,canvas
Algerian woman seated 1882
Algiers Landscape 1895 oil,canvas
Algiers, the Garden of Essai 1881 oil,canvas
Aline and Pierre 1887
Aline at the gate (girl in the garden) 1884
Aline Charigot (future Madame Renoir) 1885 oil,canvas
Aline Charigot with a Dog 1880 oil,canvas
Aloe, Picking at Cagnes 1910 oil,canvas
Alphonsine Fournaise on the Isle of Chatou 1879 oil,canvas
Ambroise Vollard 1908 oil,canvas
Bouquet of Roses c.1909 - c.1913
Bouquet of Roses c.1890 - 1900 oil,canvas
Bouquet of Roses oil,canvas
Bouquet of Roses in a Blue Vase 1892 oil
Bouquet of Roses in a Green Vase oil,canvas
Bouquet of Roses in a Vase 1900 oil,canvas
Bouquets of Flowers c.1880 oil,canvas
Breakfast at Berneval 1898 oil,canvas
Breton Landscape 1893 oil,canvas
Breton Landscape Church and Orchard oil,canvas
Cup and Fruit c.1910
Cup and Oranges oil,canvas
Cup, Lemon and Tomato c.1916 oil,canvas
Dahlias c.1890
Dame en toilette de Ville 1875 oil,canvas
Dance at Bougival 1883 oil,canvas
Dance in the City 1883 oil,canvas
Dance in the Country 1883
Dance in the Country 1883 oil,canvas
Dancer 1874 oil
Girls on the seashore 1894
Girls picking flowers in a meadow c.1890 oil,canvas
Girls putting flowers on their hats 1893 - 1894
Girl Streched out on the Grass 1890
Girl wearing a straw hat
Girl wiping her feet c.1890
Girl with a basket of fish c.1889 oil,canvas
Girl with a basket of oranges c.1889 oil,canvas
Girl with a Dog c.1875 oil,canvas
Girl with a Fan ( Alphonsine Fournaise) 1880 oil,canvas
Lady with white hat 1895
La Grenouillere 1869 oil,canvas
La Grenouillere 1869 oil,canvas
La Grenouillere 1869 oil,canvas
Landscape oil,canvas
Landscape oil,canvas
Landscape oil,canvas
Landscape oil,canvas
Landscape oil,canvas
Lise on the Bank of the Seine 1870 oil
Lise Sewing 1866 oil
Lise with Umbrella 1867 oil,canvas
Little Girl in a White Apron (Portrait of Lucie Berard) 1884 oil,canvas
Little Girl with a Red Hair Knot 1890 oil,canvas
Little River oil,canvas
Looking out at the Sacre Coeur 1896 oil,canvas
Low Tide at Yport 1883
Lucienne 1918 oil,canvas
Lydia Sieligmann 1917 oil,canvas
Nude on the Grass 1915 oil,canvas
Nude reclining on cushions 1907 oil,canvas
Nude Reclining on the Grass 1890 oil,canvas
Nude Seated in a Landscape oil,canvas
Nude Seated on a Sofa 1876 oil,canvas
Nude Sitting in the Forest c.1876 oil,canvas
Nude (Study for The Large Bathers ) 1886 - 1887
Nude Woman on Green Cushions 1909 oil,canvas
Odalisque c.1895 oil,canvas
Odalisque (An Algerian Woman) 1870 oil,canvas
Portrait of coco
Portrait of Coco c.1904 - 1905 oil,canvas
Portrait of Coco and Flowers c.1905 oil,canvas
Portrait of Edmond Maitre (The Reader) 1871 oil,canvas
Portrait of Edmond Renoir, Jr. 1888 oil,canvas
Portrait of Eugene Pierre Lestringuez 1878 oil,canvas
Portrait of Gabrielle c.1906 oil,canvas
Portrait of Gabrielle (Young Girl with Flowers) c.1900 oil,canvas
Portrait of Georges Riviere 1877
Portrait of Georges Riviere 1880 oil,canvas
Seascape 1879 oil,canvas
Seascape 1883
Seascape near berneval 1879
Seated Bather
Seated Bather 1883 oil,canvas
Seated bather 1912
Seated Bather 1913 oil,canvas
Seated Bather 1914
Seated bather in a landscape 1895 - 1900 oil,canvas
Seated Child in a Blue Dress 1889 oil,canvas
Still Life with Peaches oil,canvas
Still Life with Peaches and Chestnuts oil,canvas
Still Life with Peaches and Grapes oil,canvas
Still life with peaches and grapes 1881
Still Life with Pears and Grapes oil,canvas
Still life with pheasant and partridge c.1880
Still Life with Pomegranates c.1893 oil,canvas
Still Life with Roses oil,canvas
Still Life with Strawberries c.1880 oil,canvas
Still Life with Strawberries c.1905 oil,canvas
The estaque 1882 oil,canvas
The Fairies Pond 1866 oil,canvas
The Farm c.1878 oil,canvas
The Farm 1914 oil,canvas
The Farm at Collettes 1915 oil,canvas
The Field 1873 oil,canvas
The First Outing 1875 - 1876 oil,canvas
The First Step 1876 oil,canvas
The Fisherman 1874 oil,canvas
The Footpath 1917 oil,canvas
The white pierrot (Jean Renoir) 1901 - 1902
The Writing Lesson 1895 oil,canvas
Three Figures in a Landscape oil,canvas
Three Lemons 1918 oil,canvas
Three Partridges c.1880 oil,canvas
Three Pomegranates and Two Apples
Three Women and Child in a Landscape 1918 oil,canvas
Three Young Girls Sitting in the Grass c.1896 - 1897 oil,canvas
Tilla Durieux 1914 oil,canvas
Torso Before the Bath c.1875 oil,canvas
Woman in a Flowered Hat c.1899 oil,canvas
Woman in a Garden (Woman with a Seagull) 1868 oil,canvas
Woman in a hat 1895
Woman in a hat with flowers 1917 oil,canvas
Woman in a Lace Blouse 1869 oil,canvas
Woman in a Landscape oil,canvas
Woman in an Interior oil,canvas
Woman in an Oriental Costume oil,canvas
Young Girl Reading c.1891 - 1895 oil,canvas
Young Girl Reading 1904 oil,canvas
Young Girls at the Piano 1892 oil,canvas
Young Girls by the Sea 1894 oil,canvas
Young Girls by the Water c.1893 oil,canvas
Young Girl Seated in a Garden oil,canvas
Young Girl Seated in a Meadow 1916 oil,canvas
Young Girl Slipping on Her Stockings c.1895
Ambroise Vollard Portrait 1917 oil,canvas
Amelie Dieterie in a White Hat c.1894
Andree in a Pink Dress 1917 oil,canvas
Andree in Blue (Andree Heurschling) c.1917 oil,canvas
Andree in Yellow Turban and Blue Skirt 1917 oil,canvas
Anemones oil,canvas
Anemones 1898
Anemones 1905
Anemones 1909 oil,canvas
Anemones 1916
Breton Landscape Trees and Moor 1892 oil,canvas
Bulrushes on the Banks of the Seine 1874 oil,canvas
Bust of a Girl 1900 oil,canvas
Bust of a Woman
Bust of a Woman (Gabrielle) oil,canvas
Bust of a Woman in a Red Blouse c.1905 oil,canvas
Bust of a Woman Wearing a Hat 1881 oil,canvas
Bust of a Woman (Yellow Dress) c.1883 oil,canvas
Bust of a Young Girl c.1895 oil,canvas
Bust of a Young Girl in a Straw Hat 1917 oil,canvas
Dancer with Castanets 1909 oil,canvas
Dancer with Castenets 1895 oil,canvas
Dancer with Tambourne (Gabrielle Renard) 1909 oil,canvas
Dead Pheasant in the Snow 1879 oil,canvas
Dedee in spanish dress 1914 - 1917
Diana 1867
Earthenware Jug c.1915 oil,canvas
Earthenware Virgin and Child oil,canvas
Ellen Andree 1879
Entering the Village of Essoyes 1901 oil,canvas
Girl with a Hoop 1885 oil,canvas
Girl with a letter 1894
Girl with a mandolin 1918
Girl with a pink and black hat c.1890
Girl with a pink feather 1876
Girl with a pink ribbon
Girl with a Red Hair Ribbon 1891
Girl with a straw hat c.1884
Girl with a straw hat c.1908
Girl with Auburn Hair 1882 oil,canvas
Landscape oil,canvas
Landscape 1868 oil,canvas
Landscape 1881 oil,canvas
Landscape 1881 oil,canvas
Landscape 1890 oil,canvas
Landscape 1893 oil,canvas
Madame Alphonse Daudet 1876 oil,canvas
Madame Charles Fray 1901 oil,canvas
Madame Charpentier 1878 oil,canvas
Madame Chocquet Reading 1876 oil,canvas
Madame Claude Monet 1872 oil,canvas
Madame Darras as an Horsewoman 1873 oil,canvas
Madame Gaston Bernheim de Villers nee Suzanne Adler c.1901 oil,canvas
Madame Georges Charpentier and her Children 1878 oil,canvas
Madame Hagen 1883 oil,canvas
Madame Henriot c.1876 oil,canvas
Ode to Flowers (after Anacreon) 1903 - 1909 oil,canvas
Oedipus Rex 1895 oil,canvas
On a Cliff 1880 oil,canvas
Onions 1881 oil,canvas
On the Banks of the River 1895 oil,canvas
On the banks of the Seine at agenteuil 1878 - 1880
On the Beach 1898 oil,canvas
On the Path 1872 oil,canvas
On the river banks 1907 oil,canvas
On the Seine, near Argenteuil c.1874 oil,canvas
Portrait of Henri Lerolle c.1895 oil,canvas
Portrait of Henry Bernstein
Portrait of Jean 1896
Portrait of Jean Renoir 1895
Portrait of Jean Renoir (Child with a Hoop) 1898 oil,canvas
Portrait of Lucie Berard 1879
Portrait of Lucien Daudet 1875
Portrait of Lucienne 1918 oil,canvas
Portrait of Madame Claude Monet 1872 oil,canvas
Portrait of Madame Duberville with Her Son Henri 1910
Seated couple 1912 oil,canvas
Seated Female Nude 1910 oil,canvas
Seated Little Girl with a Blue Background c.1890 oil,canvas
Seated Nude 1885 oil,canvas
Seated Nude 1913 oil,canvas
Seated Nude (At East) 1885 oil,canvas
Seated Nude Combing Her Hair oil,canvas
Seated Nude in Profile (Gabrielle) 1913 oil,canvas
Seated Nude with a Bouquet c.1914 - 1915
Still life with Strawberries oil,canvas
Still Life with Strawberries oil,canvas
Strawberries c.1905 oil,canvas
Strawberries 1914 oil,canvas
Street in Essoyes oil,canvas
Strong Wind (Gust of Wind) c.1872 oil,canvas
Studies of the Children of Paul Berard 1881 oil,canvas
Studies Woman s Heads, Nudes, Landscapes and Peaches 1895 - 1896 oil,canvas
Study for Girls playing with a Shuttlecock c.1887 oil,canvas
Study for scene from tannhauser c.1879
The Garden c.1875 oil,canvas
The Garden at Fontenay 1874 oil,canvas
The Garden Collettes 1909 oil,canvas
The Garden of Essai in Algiers 1881 oil,canvas
Grape Pickers at Lunch c.1888 oil,canvas
The Great Bathers (The Nymphs) 1918 - 1919 oil,canvas
The Great Boulevards 1875 oil,canvas
The greenhouse 1876
The Gust of Wind c.1872
The Harem (Parisian Women Dressed as Algerians) 1872 oil,canvas
Treboul 1895 oil,canvas
Tree Blooming
Trees by the Water oil,canvas
Tulips 1909 oil,canvas
Two Apples oil,canvas
Two Bathers canvas,tempera
Two Bathers 1896 oil,canvas
Two Bathers in a Landscape 1919 oil,canvas
Two Figures by the Water oil,canvas
Two Figures in a Landscape 1865 - 1866 oil,canvas
Woman in a Park
Woman in a Red Blouse
Woman in a Red Blouse c.1908
Woman in a Red Blouse 1914 oil,canvas
Woman in a Rocking Chair
Woman in a Straw Hat oil,canvas
Woman in a Straw Hat 1880 oil,canvas
Woman in a Straw Hat c.1916 - 1918 oil,canvas
Woman in a White Hat c.1890 oil,canvas
Woman in Blue oil,canvas
Young Girls on the Beach 1898 oil,canvas
Young Girl Wearing a Red Hat 1913 oil,canvas
Young Girl with a Basket of Flowers 1888 oil,canvas
Young Girl with a Dog 1888 oil,canvas
Young Girl with a Hat c.1895 oil,canvas
Young Girl with a Parasol (Aline Nunès) 1883 oil
Young Girl with Daisies 1889 oil,canvas
Young Girl with Long Hair in Profile 1890 oil,canvas
Young Guitarist Standing c.1897 oil,canvas
Young gypsy girls c.1902
Anemonies oil,canvas
Antibes 1893
Apples and Flowers c.1895 - 1896 oil,canvas
Apples and Grapes c.1910 oil,canvas
Apples and Manderines c.1890 oil,canvas
Apples and Manderines 1901 oil,canvas
Apples in a dish 1883 oil,canvas
Arabs by the Sea oil,canvas
Armful of Roses 1918 oil,canvas
A Road in Louveciennes c.1870 oil,canvas
Bust of a Young Girl Wearing a Straw Hat 1917
Bust of a Young Nude c.1902 - 1903 oil,canvas
Bust of a Young Woman 1904 oil,canvas
Bust of a Young Woman 1913 oil,canvas
Bust of a Young Woman in a Red Blouse 1915 oil,canvas
Bust of a Young Woman with Flowered Ear 1898 oil,canvas
By the Fireside 1875 oil,canvas
By the Seashore 1883 canvas,oil
By the Water (Near the Lake) c.1880 oil,canvas
Cabin with Aloe Plants c.1913
Essoyes Landscape
Essoyes Landscape 1884 oil,canvas
Essoyes Landscape Washerwoman and Bathers 1900 oil,canvas
Eugene Murer 1877 oil,canvas
Faisans, Canapetiere et grives 1902 oil,canvas
Farm Courtyard
Female Nude Seated
Field and Haystacks 1885 oil,canvas
Field of Banana Trees 1881 oil,canvas
Fields of Wheat 1885 oil,canvas
Girl with Brown Hair 1887 - 1888
Girl with Falcon 1882 oil,canvas
Girl with Fan c.1881 oil,canvas
Girl with Flowers 1888 oil,canvas
Girl with Hat oil,canvas
Girl with Red Stockings 1886 oil,canvas
Gladiolas in a Blue Vase oil,canvas
Gladiolas in a Vase 1874 - 1875 oil,canvas
Gladioli c.1885
Gladioli 1884
Landscape 1895 oil,canvas
Landscape 1900
Landscape 1902 oil,canvas
Landscape 1910
Landscape 1913 oil,canvas
Landscape 1910 - 1914 oil,canvas
Landscape 1915 oil,canvas
Landscape 1917 oil,canvas
Landscape 1919 oil,canvas
Madame Henriot 1874 oil,canvas
Madame Heriot en travesti 1875 - 1876 oil,canvas
Madame Hériot 1882
Madame Le Brun and Her Daughter oil,canvas
Madame Leon Clapisson (Marie Henriette Valentine Billet) 1883 oil,canvas
Madame Louis Valtat nee Suzanne Noel 1902 - 1903 oil,canvas
Madame Marie Octavie Bernier 1871 oil,canvas
Madame Maurice Denis nee Jeanne Boudot 1904 oil,canvas
Madame Monet 1872
Madame monet reading c.1872
Orange Trees oil,canvas
Orchard at Louveciennes the English Pear Tree 1875 oil,canvas
Park Scene
Party in the Country at Berneval 1898 oil,canvas
Path Leading through Tall Grass 1876 - 1877 oil,canvas
Path through the High Grass c.1876 oil,canvas
Path through the undergrowth 1910
Path through the Woods 1874 oil,canvas
Paul Berard 1880 oil,canvas
Paul Cezanne 1880 oil,canvas
Portrait of Madeleine Adam 1887
Portrait of Mademoiselle Francois oil,canvas
Portrait of Mademoiselle Sicotg 1865 oil,canvas
Portrait of M. and Mme. Bernheim de Villers 1910 oil,canvas
Portrait of Margot (Portrait of a Model) 1876 - 1877 oil,canvas
Portrait of Marie Lestringuez 1912 oil,canvas
Portrait of Maurice Gangnat 1916
Portrait of Mme. Alphonse Daudet 1876
Portrait of Mme. Theodore Charpentier
Portrait of Monsieur Germain c.1900 oil,canvas
Seated Portrait of Claude Renoir c.1908 - 1909
Seated Woman
Seated Woman 1879
Seated Woman 1895 oil,canvas
Seated Woman in a Blue Dress 1915 oil,canvas
Seated Woman in a Green Robe c.1890
Seated Woman in Blue oil,canvas
Seated Young Girl with Hat c.1900 oil,canvas
Seated Young Woman 1890 oil,canvas
Seated Young Woman 1896 oil,canvas
Study for The Croquet Game 1892 oil,canvas
Study for The Saone Embraced by the Rhone 1915 oil,canvas
Study of a Nude c.1910
Study of a Statuette by Maillol c.1907 oil,canvas
Study of a Woman c.1890 oil,canvas
Study of a Woman
Study of a Woman, for Oedipus c.1895 oil,canvas
Study of a Woman in a Yellow Hat oil,canvas
Study of a Young Girl (Mademoiselle Murer) c.1882 oil,canvas
Study of Flowers c.1914 oil,canvas
The Harvesters 1873 oil,canvas
The Hatpin 1898 lithography
The Hat Pinned c.1894
The head of Monte Sorrento 1881
The Hills of Cagnes oil,canvas
The Hills of Trouville c.1885 oil,canvas
The Ingenue 1877 oil,canvas
The Inn of Mother Anthony 1866 oil,canvas
The judgment of Paris 1908
Two girls 1890 - 1892 oil,canvas
Two Girls in Black 1881 oil,canvas
Two Girls in the Garden at Montmartre 1895 oil,canvas
Two Girls Reading 1891
Two Little Girls c.1890
Two Little Girls on the Beach 1895 oil,canvas
Two Sisters 1889 oil,canvas
Two Sisters 1895 oil,canvas
Two Woman in a Garden oil,canvas
Two Women and a Child
Woman in Blue c.1906 - 1919 oil,canvas
Woman in Blue and Zaza in a Landscape 1919 oil,canvas
Woman in Blue in a Landscape 1916
Woman in the Garden at Collettes 1919 oil,canvas
Woman in white 1916
Woman in White in the Garden at Colettes 1915 oil,canvas
Woman Leaning on Her Elbow 1918 oil,canvas
Woman on a Staircase c.1876
Woman picking flowers 1912 oil,canvas
Woman Playing Cards c.1917 oil,canvas
Young Man and Young Woman c.1876 oil,canvas
Young Man in a Red Tie, Portrait of Eugene Renoir 1890 oil,canvas
Young Mother 1898 oil,canvas
Young Peasant Eating an Apple c.1894 oil,canvas
Young Roumanian 1914 oil,canvas
Young shepherd in repose (Alexander Thurneysson) 1911 oil,canvas
Young Spanish Woman with a Guitar 1898
Young Woman oil,canvas
Young Woman at Her Toilette c.1885 oil
Young Woman at the Piano 1876 oil,canvas
Arum and Conservatory Plants 1864 oil,canvas
A Seating Bather 1903 - 1906
At the Cafe 1877 oil,canvas
At the Concert (Box at the Opera) 1880 oil,canvas
At the Luxembourg Gardens 1883 oil,canvas
At the Milliner`s c.1878 oil,canvas
At the Milliner`s (study) c.1878 oil,canvas
At the Moulin de la Galette c.1875
A Walk by the Sea 1915 oil,canvas
A Walk in the Woods (Madame Lecoeur and Her Children) 1870 oil,canvas
Cagnes oil,canvas
Cagnes Landscape 1907 - 1908 oil,canvas
Cagnes Landscape c.1907 - 1908 oil,canvas
Cagnes Landscape 1910 oil,canvas
Cagnes Landscape c.1904 - 1910 oil,canvas
Cagnes Landscape c.1900 - 1910 oil,canvas
Cagnes Landscape 1911 oil,canvas
Cagnes Landscape 1914 - 1919 oil,canvas
Figures in a Garden 1880 oil,canvas
Figures in a Landscape 1900 oil,canvas
Figures on the Beach 1890
First Portrait of Madame Georges Charpeitier 1876 - 1877 oil,canvas
Fish c.1919 oil,canvas
Fishermen by a Lake oil,canvas
Flag Decorated Street 1906 oil,canvas
Floral Headband
Flowers c.1901 oil,canvas
Flowers 1902 oil,canvas
Glass of Wine 1908 oil,canvas
Gondola 1881 oil,canvas
Grape Harvesters 1879 oil,canvas
Graziella 1910 oil,canvas
Guernsey Landscape
Head of a Child (Edmond Renoir) c.1888
Head of a Dog 1870 oil,canvas
Head of a Girl
Head of a Little Girl in Profile 1901 oil,canvas
Head of a Woman c.1876 oil,canvas
Landscape oil,canvas
Landscape oil,canvas
Landscape oil,canvas
Landscape oil,canvas
Landscape oil,canvas
Landscape oil,canvas
Landscape oil,canvas
Landscape (after Corot) 1898 oil,canvas
Landscape at Beaulieu 1899
Madame Paul Berard c.1879 oil,canvas
Madame Paul Gallimard nee. Lucie Duche 1892 oil,canvas
Madame Renoir and Bob 1910 oil,canvas
Madame Robert de Bonnieres 1889 oil,canvas
Madame Severine c.1885 oil,canvas
Madame Stora in Algerian Dress 1870 oil,canvas
Madame Thurneyssan and Her Daughter c.1910 oil,canvas
Madame Thurneyssen 1908 oil,canvas
Madame Victor Chocquet 1875 oil,canvas
Madelaine in a White Blouse and a Bouquet of Flowers 1915 - 1919 oil,canvas
Paul Charpentier 1887
Paul Durand Ruel 1910 oil,canvas
Paul Haviland 1884 oil,canvas
Paul Meunier 1877 oil,canvas
Peaches and Almonds oil,canvas
Pears c.1915 oil,canvas
Pears and Apples 1890 oil,canvas
Pears and Apples 1890 oil,canvas
Peasant Woman Standing in a Landscape 1884 oil,canvas
Portrait of Pierre 1889 - 1890
Portrait of Pierre Renoir in a Sailor Suit 1890 oil,canvas
Portrait of Pierre Renoir in a Sailor Suit 1890 oil,canvas
Portrait of Stephane Mallarme 1892 oil,canvas
Portrait of the countess pourtales 1877
Alfred Sisley and His Wife 1868 oil,canvas
Portrait of Therese Berard 1879 oil,canvas
Portrait of Victor Chocquet 1875 oil,canvas
Portraits of Marie Sophie Chocquet 1876 oil,canvas
Portraits of Two Children 1895 oil,canvas
Seated Young Woman, Nude 1910 oil,canvas
Self-Portrait c.1875 oil,canvas
Self-Portrait 1899 oil,canvas
Self-Portrait 1910 oil,canvas
Self-Portrait at the Age of Thirty Five 1876 oil,canvas
Self-Portrait with a White Hat 1910 oil,canvas
Serving Girl from Duval's Restaurant 1874 oil,canvas
Shepherdess 1886 - 1887 oil,canvas
Study of Flowers Anemones and Tulips c.1906 - 1910 oil,canvas
Study Torso Sunlight Effect c.1876 oil,canvas
Study Two Women s Heads 1895 oil,canvas
Sugar Bowl 1905 oil,canvas
Sugar Bowl 1908 - 1909 oil,canvas
Sugar Bowl 1911 oil,canvas
Sugar Bowl and Earthenware Bowl oil,canvas
Sugar Bowl and Lemon oil,canvas
Sugar Bowl and Lemons c.1915 oil,canvas
Sugar Bowl, Apple and Orange oil,canvas
The Large Bathers 1887 oil,canvas
The large tree
The Laundress c.1880
The Laundress c.1891 oil,canvas
The Lesson c.1900 oil,canvas
The lesson 1906 oil,canvas
The letter 1900
The Little Algerian Girl c.1881 oil,canvas
The Little Fishergirl 1879 oil,canvas
The Little House oil,canvas
Two Women in a Garden c.1906 oil,canvas
Two Women in a Garden 1895
Two Women in a Rowboat c.1880 - 1886
Two Women in Blue Blouses 1919 oil,canvas
Two Women in Red Robes 1895 oil,canvas
Two Women in the Grass c.1910 oil,canvas
Two Women s Heads (The Loge) 1903 oil,canvas
Two Women with Flowered Hat c.1915 oil,canvas
Two Women with Umbrellas
Two Young Girls Reading c.1890 - 1891 oil,canvas
Woman Playing the Guitar 1896 oil,canvas
Woman Reading 1906 oil,canvas
Woman Reading c.1906 - 1909
Woman`s Head c.1877
Woman`s Head c.1905 oil,canvas
Woman`s Head 1887 oil,canvas
Woman`s Head 1905 oil,canvas
Woman`s Head 1919 oil,canvas
Woman`s Head oil,canvas
Woman`s Head oil,canvas
Young Woman Braiding Her Hair 1876 oil,canvas
Young Woman in a Blue and Pink Striped Shirt 1875 oil
Young Woman in a Blue Hat c.1900 oil,canvas
Young Woman in a Boat (Lise Trehot) 1870 oil,canvas
Young woman in a flowered hat 1892
Young Woman in a Garden c.1916 oil,canvas
Young Woman in a Garden Cagnes 1903 - 1905 oil,canvas
Young Woman in a Hat c.1895 oil,canvas
Young Woman in a Hat c.1918 oil,canvas
Young Woman in a Landscape, Cagnes c.1905 oil,canvas
A Young Woman 1875
Back view of a bather 1893
Banks of a River 1896 oil,canvas
Banks of the River 1874 - 1876 oil,canvas
Banks of the River oil,canvas
Banks of the River c.1874 - 1876 oil,canvas
Banks of the River 1906 oil,canvas
Banks of the Seine at Champrosay 1876
Barges on the Seine 1870 oil,canvas
Basket of Flowers 1890 oil,canvas
Cagnes Landscape oil,canvas
Cagnes Landscape oil,canvas
Cagnes Landscape c.1895 oil,canvas
Cagnes Landscape c.1910 oil,canvas
Cagnes Landscape oil,canvas
Cagnes Landscape with Woman and Child 1910 oil,canvas
Camille Monet and Her Son Jean in the Garden at Argenteuil 1874 oil,canvas
Camille Monet Reading 1872 oil,canvas
Canoeing (Young Girl in a Boat) 1877 oil,canvas
Cape Saint Jean c.1908 - 1910 oil,canvas
Flowers and Fruit 1889 oil,canvas
Flowers in a Green Vase Dahlilas and Asters c.1910 oil,canvas
Flowers in a Vase c.1866 oil,canvas
Flowers in a vase c.1898
Flowers in a Vase 1878 oil,canvas
Flowers in a Vase 1878 oil,canvas
Flowers in a Vase 1901 oil,canvas
Flowers in a Vase oil,canvas
Flowers in a Vase oil,canvas
Flowers in a Vase and a Glass of Champagne oil,canvas
Head of a woman c.1887
Head of a Woman 1913
Head of a Woman c.1918 oil,canvas
Head of a Woman in Red c.1909 oil,canvas
Head of a Young Girl 1878 oil,canvas
Head of a Young Girl 1880 oil,canvas
Head of a Young Girl 1890 oil,canvas
Head of a Young Girl 1905 oil,canvas
Head of a Young Girl in Red 1916 oil,canvas
Head of a Young Woman c.1887
Landscape at cagnes c.1905
Landscape at Cagnes 1907 - 1908
Landscape at Collettes oil,canvas
Landscape at Collettes
Landscape at Essoyes oil,canvas
Landscape at Grasse 1908 - 1911
Landscape at Wargemont 1879 oil,canvas
Landscape Auvers sur Oise c.1901 oil,canvas
Landscape Banks of the River oil,canvas
Landscape by the Sea 1915 oil,canvas
Madeleine Leaning on Her Elbow with Flowers in Her Hair 1918 oil,canvas
Madeline wearing a Rose 1916 oil,canvas
Mademoiselle Demarsy (Woman Leaning on Her Elbow) 1882 oil,canvas
Mademoiselle Georgette Charpentier c.1878 oil,canvas
Mademoiselle Grimprel in a Blue Ribbon 1880 oil,canvas
Mademoiselle Irène Cahen d'Anvers (Little Irene) 1880 oil
Mademoiselle Legrand 1875 oil,canvas
Maison de la Poste 1907 oil,canvas
Man Carrying a Boy oil,canvas
Man on a Staircase c.1876
Pensive c.1875
Pensive Young Woman Leaning on Her Elbow c.1908 oil,canvas
Peonies c.1880
Peonies 1878 oil,canvas
Philippe Gangnat c.1906 oil,canvas
Picking Flowers 1875 oil,canvas
Picking Flowers (In the Field) c.1890 oil,canvas
Pierre Henri Renoir 1870 oil,canvas
Pines in the Vicinity of Cagnes 1910 oil,canvas
Pine Wood on the Cote d'Azur 1885 oil,canvas
Posthumous Portrait of Frederic Bazille c.1885
Profile of Andre Leaning Over c.1917 oil,canvas
Profile of a Woman in a Red Blouse 1897 oil,canvas
Profile of a Young Woman in a Hat oil,canvas
Purple Landscape c.1885 oil,canvas
Railway Bridge at Chatou 1881 oil,canvas
Rainbow Trout oil,canvas
Rapha Maitre c.1871 oil,canvas
Rapha Maitre 1871 oil,canvas
Reader in Green 1894 oil,canvas
Sitting Girl 1910 - 1917
Skaters in the Bois de Boulogne 1868 oil,canvas
Sleeping Cat 1862 oil,canvas
Sleeping Nude with Hat (Repose) oil,canvas
Sleeping Odalisque (Odalisque with Babouches) 1915 - 1917 oil,canvas
Sleeping woman 1897
Small House, Buttercups and Diverse Flowers (study) c.1910 oil,canvas
Small Nude in Blue 1879 oil,canvas
Smiling Young Girl c.1878 oil,canvas
Spanish Dancer in a Red Dress c.1896 oil,canvas
Summer 1875 oil,canvas
Summer Landscape 1875 oil,canvas
Sunny Landscape c.1880 oil,canvas
Sunset at sea 1879
Suzanne Valadon c.1885 oil,canvas
Sweeper 1889 oil,canvas
Tama the japanese dog c.1876
Terraces at Cagnes 1905 oil,canvas
The Agreement 1919 oil,canvas
The Alphabet (Jean and Gabrielle) c.1897 oil,canvas
The Little Reader oil,canvas
The Little Reader (Little Girl in Blue) c.1890 oil,canvas
The Little School Boy 1879 oil,canvas
The little theater box 1873 - 1874
The Loge 1879
The Lovers c.1875 oil,canvas
The Luncheon c.1879 oil,canvas
The luncheon of the boating party 1881
The Mosque Arab Holiday (The Casbah) 1881 oil,canvas
The Old Port of Marseille, People and Boats 1890 oil,canvas
Two Young Women in a Landscape c.1916 oil,canvas
Umbrellas 1885 - 1886 oil,canvas
Vase, Basket of Flowers and Fruit 1889 - 1890 oil,canvas
Vase of Anemones oil,canvas
Vase of Chrysanthemums c.1880 - 1882 oil,canvas
Vase of Chrysanthemums 1890 oil,canvas
Vase of Flowers c.1884 oil,canvas
Vase of Flowers oil,canvas
Vase of Flowers 1871 oil,canvas
Vase of Flowers oil,canvas
Woman`s Head oil,canvas
Woman`s Head oil,canvas
Woman`s Head (Jeanne Samary) 1877
Woman`s Head, The Thinker c.1897 oil,canvas
Woman sleeping c.1900
Woman's Nude Torso oil,canvas
Woman Standing by a Tree
Woman Stoking a Stove 1912 oil,canvas
Woman tying her shoe c.1918
Woman under a Tree 1882 - 1883 oil,canvas
Young Woman in a Straw Hat oil,canvas
Young Woman in a Straw Hat 1877
Young Woman in a Straw Hat 1884 oil,canvas
Young Woman in a Straw Hat 1901 oil,canvas
Young Woman in Bright Blue at the Conservatory 1877 oil,canvas
Young Woman in Profile 1897 oil,canvas
Young Woman in Red in the Fields 1900 oil,canvas
Young Woman in White Reading c.1873 oil,canvas
Young Woman Lifting Her Skirt 1877 oil,canvas
Young Woman Looking at a Print 1896 oil,canvas
Young Boy with a Cat 1868-69 Oil on Canvas
Bathers (Les baigneuses) c. 1918 Oil on Canvas
Torso (Buste de Femme) c. 1873-75 Oil on Canvas
Seated Bather c.1883 Oil on Canvas
Portrait De Romaine Lacaux 1864 Oil On Canvas
The Parisian (la Parisienne) 1874 Oil On Canvas
Portrait Of Victor Chocquet 1875 Oil On Canvas
The Swing 1895 Oil on Canvas
Roses and Jasmine in a Delft Vase 1880 - 1881 Oil on Canvas
Nini in the Garden 1875 - 1876 Oil on Canvas
Gypsy Girl 1879 Oil on Canvas
Still Life with Bouquet 1871 Oil on Canvas
La lecture (A Girl Reading) c. 1890 Oil on Canvas
Sleeping Girl 1880 Oil on Canvas
Danseuse 1874 Oil on Canvas
Rocky Crags at l'Estaque (Rochers a l'Estaque) 1882 Oil on Canvas
The Canoeists' Luncheon 1879-80 Oil on Canvas
Portrait of Bazille 1867 Oil on Canvas
A Girl With a Watering Can 1876 Oil on Canvas
Beach Scene, Guernsey (Enfants au bord de la mer a Guernesey) 1883 Oil on Canvas
Jeunes filles au piano (Girls at the Piano) 1892 Oil on Canvas
La loge 1874 Oil on Canvas
Le Moulin de la Galette 1876 Oil on Canvas
The Luncheon (Le dejeuner) c. 1879 Oil on Canvas
Monet painting in his garden at Argenteuil 1873 Oil on Canvas
Oarsmen at Chatou 1879 Oil on Canvas
On the Terrace 1881 Oil on Canvas
The Luncheon of the Boating Party 1880 - 1881 Oil on Canvas
La Promenade c.1876 Oil on Canvas
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