Pierre-Auguste Renoir – Artwork & Bio of the French Painter

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was a French painter born on 25 February 1841 in Limoges, France. Renoir’s early talent for decoration earned him a job in a porcelain factory in his hometown. In 1860, he started traveling to the Louvre to study the works of the Old Masters. Two years later, Renoir enrolled in the studio of Charles Gleyre, studying with Frederic Bazille, Claude Monet, and Alfred Sisley. Together, they painted en Plein air and became proponents of Impressionism.

Following constant rejections from the Salon, Renoir’s finances began to tilt downhill until the Impressionists started holding independent exhibitions. In his later years, due to physical limitations of ill health, Renoir stopped painting and attempted sculpting, completing several artworks. He died in his home on 3 December 1919.

What was Pierre-Auguste Renoir Known For?

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was known for painting landscapes, portraits, and scenes depicting the bourgeois Parisian life. When Renoir wasn’t painting landscapes from nature, he painted scenes of people in Paris living expressively. Despite his association with the movement fixated on capturing natural light, Renoir’s works always had an element of human realism.

Who was Pierre-Auguste Renoir Influenced By?

The works of Francois Boucher, Jean-Honore Frangorad, and Eugene Delacroix in the Louvre museum influenced Renoir’s painting style. In the early-1860s, Renoir took several trips to the Louvre, where the loose application of paint and brushstrokes of the Old Masters captured his attention the most. Gustave Courbet influenced Renoir’s later works in portraiture.

What Art Movement was Pierre-Auguste Renoir Associated With?

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was associated with the Impressionism, Realism, and Renaissance art movement. Renoir turned toward the Renaissance methods later in his career, believing he had seen the end of Impressionism.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir Artwork

Renoir’s artworks hang on the walls of prestigious museums and art institutions, including the Louvre. Below are some of them


Banks of the River

Conversation in a Rose Garden

Dance at Moulin de la Galette

Georges riviere and margot

Georgette Charpentier Seated

Girl with a pink feather

Head of a Women

Jeanne Durand Ruel

Lady in a black dress

Madame Alphonse Daudet

Madame Chocquet Reading

Madame Henriot

Man on a Staircase


Nini in the Garden

The Garden In The Rue Cortot At Montmartre


All Pierre-Auguste Renoir Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Bathers (Les baigneuses) c. 1918 Oil on Canvas
Torso (Buste de Femme) c. 1873-75 Oil on Canvas
Seated Bather c.1883 Oil on Canvas
The Parisian (la Parisienne) 1874 Oil On Canvas
Portrait Of Victor Chocquet 1875 Oil On Canvas
The Swing 1895 Oil on Canvas
Roses and Jasmine in a Delft Vase 1880 - 1881 Oil on Canvas
Nini in the Garden 1875 - 1876 Oil on Canvas
Gypsy Girl 1879 Oil on Canvas
Still Life with Bouquet 1871 Oil on Canvas
La lecture (A Girl Reading) c. 1890 Oil on Canvas
Sleeping Girl 1880 Oil on Canvas
Danseuse 1874 Oil on Canvas
Rocky Crags at l'Estaque (Rochers a l'Estaque) 1882 Oil on Canvas
The Canoeists' Luncheon 1879-80 Oil on Canvas
Portrait of Bazille 1867 Oil on Canvas
A Girl With a Watering Can 1876 Oil on Canvas
Beach Scene, Guernsey (Enfants au bord de la mer a Guernesey) 1883 Oil on Canvas
Jeunes filles au piano (Girls at the Piano) 1892 Oil on Canvas
La loge 1874 Oil on Canvas
Le Moulin de la Galette 1876 Oil on Canvas
The Luncheon (Le dejeuner) c. 1879 Oil on Canvas
Monet painting in his garden at Argenteuil 1873 Oil on Canvas
Oarsmen at Chatou 1879 Oil on Canvas
On the Terrace 1881 Oil on Canvas
The Luncheon of the Boating Party 1880 - 1881 Oil on Canvas
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