Pierre Bonnard – Biography and Artwork of the French Painter

Pierre Bonnard was a French painter and printmaker renowned for his bold use of color. Born in 1867, he was a founding member of the avant-garde Post-Impressionist group Les Nabis. His early work was created under Symbolist thought and influenced by Paul Gauguin’s works and Hokusai’s prints. He later became known as a leading figurehead of the Intimists art movement.

Bonnard is considered one of the greatest colorists of modern art, experimenting with vibrant hues to create highly personal works that often depicted his model and life partner, Marthe de Méligny. She posed for many of his paintings. He also painted still lifes and landscapes, showcasing his broad range as an artist.

At Paris’ Académie Julian, Bonnard made lifelong friends with fellow artists Edouard Vuillard and Maurice Denis with whom he formed Les Nabis group. This consisted primarily of young painters who favored biblical subjects, coupled with scenes from everyday life.

Pierre Bonnard’s significant contributions to modern art are indisputable based on his excellent use of color to depict intimate moments in people’s lives while also remaining impactful as a member/founding father or figurehead of various art movements/groups such as Symbolism, Post-Impressionism & Intimists group.

All Pierre Bonnard Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
La Cote D'azur c. 1923 Oil On Canvas
The Open Window 1921 Oil on Canvas
L'atelier au mimosa 1939 Oil on Canvas
La fenetre 1925 Oil on Canvas
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