Pierro Della Francesca – Artwork & Bio of the Italian Painter

Pierro Della Francesca was an Italian mathematician and painter born in Borgo San Sepolcro, Italy, in 1420. Pierro began an apprenticeship in Antonio d’Anghiari’s workshop early on, executing painting tasks at eleven. In 1438, eighteen-year-old Della Francesca moved to Florence in Italy, associated with the artistic sphere, and earned commissions from wealthy patrons.

Della Francesca’s reputation as a painter continued to grow. He attained master status in the 1440s and received lucrative commissions. Pierro’s expertise earned him an appointment as a court painter for the Duke of Urbino. He returned to his hometown in 1480 and died on 12 October 1492.

What was Pierro Della Francesco Known For?

Pierro Della Francesca was known for his panel and large fresco paintings in churches and hospitals. Most of Pierro’s works were biblically themed, depicting mysterious biblical scenes with bold colors. Della Francesca also applied his mathematical knowledge to his artworks, including his oil on-panel pieces.

Who was Pierro Della Francesca Influenced By?

Piero della Francesca was influenced by the works of the Early Renaissance painters, particularly the International Gothic painters and the art of classical Antiquity. He was also influenced by the works of Florentine painters, such as Masaccio and Fra Angelico.

What Art Movement was Pierro Della Francesca Associated With?

Pierro Della Francesca was associated with the Renaissance Humanism art movement. The 15th-century Renaissance art movement was categorized by artists and philosophers who excelled at various aspects and adeptly invented new techniques and methods. Pierro found a way to fuse mathematics and art, creating a unique painting style that would influence later generations.

Pierro Della Francesca’s Artwork

Because many of Pierro’s artworks were frescoes on the walls of churches and buildings, his paintings are not easily accessible. Below are images of a few of the artist’s works


Annunciation (detail)

Augustinian Saint

Baptism of Christ (detail)


Death of Adam (detail)

Madonna and Child

Saint Mary Magdalene

Sigismondo Malatesta

St. Anthony Resurrects a Child

St. Jerome and a Donor

St. Michael

The Madonna of Mercy

The Penance of St. Jerome


Vision of Constantine (detail)



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