Pieter De Hooch Biography and Artwork

Pieter de Hooch, born in Rotterdam to a bricklayer father and midwife mother, was a Dutch genre painter of the Delft school. He worked in Rotterdam, Delft, and Amsterdam and was a pupil of Claes Berchem in Haarlem. De Hooch registered with the artists guild in Delft as an independent painter in 1655.

De Hooch was particularly known for his paintings of interiors, complex spatial compositions, and atmospheric light. His best and most famous works are from his years in Delft (1654 – c. 1660/1661) and usually depict sunny courtyards and interiors of homes of the wealthy middle-class. He used rich colors to capture natural light that illuminate his scenes exceptionally well.

Despite being one of the most celebrated painters during his time, little is known about De Hooch’s life. He died aged 47 on or around March 24th, 1684 just outside an insane asylum Baspoort which could be considered as one other possible place where he might have lived during his final years.

De Hooch’s art has been treasured for centuries now thanks to its emotive light effects coupled with perfect perspective that captures human activity so beautifully at all angles clearly showing us what we would miss as observers passing by too quickly.

All Pieter De Hooch Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Musical Party In A Courtyard 1677 Oil On Canvas
The Visit c. 1657 Oil On Wood
Two Soldiers And A Serving Woman With A Trumpeter c. 1654-55 Oil On Wood
Paying The Hostess 1658 Oil On Canvas
A Man Offering A Glass Of Wine To A Woman c. 1654-55 Oil On Wood
Portrait Of A Family In A Courtyard In Delft c. 1658-60 Oil On Canvas
A Dutch Courtyard c. 1659-60 Oil On Canvas
Figures Drinking In A Courtyard 1658 Oil On Canvas, Mounted On Panel
The Courtyard Of A House In Delft 1658 Oil On Canvas
Soldiers Playing Cards c. 1657-58 Oil On Wood
A Mother and Child with Its Head in Her Lap (Maternal Duty) c. 1658-60 Oil on Canvas
A Woman Drinking with Two Men, and a Serving Woman c. 1658 Oil on Canvas
A Woman with a Baby in Her Lap, and a Small Child 1658 Oil on Wood
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