R.B. Kitaj Biography and Artwork

R.B. Kitaj was an American artist who contributed significantly to Pop art. He attended the Cooper Union in New York City and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, which influenced his creative style. In 1991, Kitaj became the first American to join the Royal Academy since John Singer Sargent.

Kitaj’s contribution to contemporary painting is impressive, considering his deep interest in literature, Judaism, and art history that he incorporated into his work. His paintings and drawings display a personal touch that captures his commitment to figurative art. His depicted subjects were often individuals or everyday objects but with a twist of whimsy that made them unique.

In 1995, Kitaj received the prestigious Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale for his excellent contribution to contemporary painting. Sadly, Kitaj passed away in 2007 in Los Angeles California leaving an impeccable legacy as a master draughtsman for having pursued different artistic mediums such as painting and drawing with unwavering innovation and originality.

Kitaj was an exceptional artist who left indelible marks on Pop art and figurative art worldwide through various exhibitions all over Europe and America; many people today still admire him for leaving behind such intriguing works of art filled with depth and meaning that reflect one’s personal experiences juxtaposed with aspects of Judaic culture intertwined with striking color palettes adored by fans globally as well as aspiring artists alike who look up to him as a major source of inspiration.

All R.B. Kitaj Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
The Ohio Gang 1964 Crayon,Oil on Canvas
Marynka Smoking 1980 Pastel and charcoal on paper
Mary Ann 1980 Pastel and charcoal on paper
Amerika (Baseball) 1983-84 Oil on Canvas
Cecil Court, London WC2 (The Refugees) 1983-84 Oil on Canvas
If Not, Not 1975-76 Oil on Canvas
Passion (1940-45) Writing 1985 Oil on Canvas
The Autumn of Central Paris (after Walter Benjamin) 1972-3 Oil on Canvas
The Oak Tree 1991 Oil on Canvas
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