Raoul Hausmann Biography and Artwork

Raoul Hausmann was a prominent Austrian artist and writer, who played a significant role in the Berlin Dada movement. Born to a portrait and history painter, he received formal artistic training in painting and sculpture. During this time, he became interested in art criticism and started publishing polemical articles.

Hausmann’s experimental photographic collages and sound poetry earned him recognition as one of the foremost proponents of Dadaism. He formulated the technique of photomontage, which involves cutting up photographs into various pieces and then reassembling them to create surreal compositions. His inventive approach led to the development of new techniques for expressing visual and audio ideas.

In his lifetime, Hausmann produced several works that pushed the envelope on what art could be, including collages that incorporated text- adding meaning to images. His work had a profound influence on European Avant-Garde during World War I era. In fact, his works have been featured at numerous key galleries and museums around the world today. Hausmann remains an important figure in modern art history because of his innovative style blending images with words while his writings influenced avant-garde through society’s transition from post-war culture to early 21st-century thinking.

All Raoul Hausmann Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Dada Siegt 1920 Watercolor and collage on wove paper, mounted on board
The Art Critic 1919-1920 Photomontage and collage
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