Raphael – Artwork and Biography of the Italian Painter


Raphael was an Italian painter, printmaker, and architect of the High Renaissance. He was born on April 6, 1483, in Urbino, Italy, where his father was a court painter to the Duke. Raphael’s early interest in painting began with his father who taught him the basics of painting. Urbino was a cultured and vibrant town where art was a passion and the Duke praised lovely manners above all else.

Raphael became a more celebrated artist than his teacher Perugino. He is best known for his “Madonnas” and large figure compositions in the Vatican. His perfection of form and technique is held up as an ideal for other painters. During his brief career (he died at age 37), he produced some of history’s most iconic works such as “The School of Athens,” which depicts many historical figures.

Apart from paintings, Raphael also enjoyed architecture and designed buildings during his time in Rome which inspired architects for centuries. Today he is often referred to as one of Italy’s greatest artists ever; A true masterpiece creator whose handiwork has stood the test of time.

All Raphael Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Portrait of a Nude Woman (the 'Fornarina') c. 1518 Oil on panel
St. George Fighting the Dragon 1504-06 Oil on wood
St. George Fighting The Dragon 1505 Oil On Wood
Study Of A Sibyl For The Chigi Chapel c. 1512-13 Red Chalk
St Catherine c. 1507 Oil On Panel
Portrait Of A Cardinal c. 1510-12 Oil On Panel
Madonna and Child Enthroned, with Saints 1504-05 Tempera, oil, and gold on wood
The Betrothal of the Virgin ('Sposalizio') 1504 Oil on Panel
The Burning of the Borgo 1514 Fresco
Pope Leo X with two cardinals 1518 Oil on Panel
Madonna dell Granduca c. 1505 Oil on wood
The nymph Galatea c. 1512-14 Fresco
Bindo Altoviti 1512 - 1515 Oil on Canvas
Crucifixion with Sts Mary Virgin, Mary Magdalen, John and Jerome c. 1503 Oil on panel
Disputa (Dispute Over the Sacrament) 1509-10 Fresco
La Belle Jardinère 1507 Oil on Panel
Madonna di Foligno c.1511 - 1512 oil
Portrait of the Artist with a Friend, c. 1518 Oil on wood
School of Athens 1510 - 1511 fresco
St Cecilia with Sts Paul, John Evangelist, Augustine and Mary Magdalene c. 1513-16 Oil on Canvas (transferred from panel)
The Coronation of the Virgin c. 1503 Oil on Canvas (transferred from panel)
The Entombment 1507 Oil on Panel
Virgin and Child enthroned with Sts John the Baptist and Nicholas of Bari (the Ansidei altarpiece) 1505 Oil on panel
Workshop of Pieter van Aelst (after RAPHAEL) The Miraculous Draught of Fishes Tapestry c. 1516-19
The small Cowper Madonna c. 1505 Oil on wood
Portrait of Baldassare Castiglione 1516 Oil on Canvas
The Sistine Madonna 1513 Oil on Canvas
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