Rene Magritte – Artwork & Bio of the Belgian Painter

Rene Magritte was a Belgian painter born on 21 November 1898 in Lessines, Belgium. Magritte’s artistic studies began in 1916 at the Academie des Beaux-Arts in Brussels. On his return to Belgium after his military service, he worked as a draftsman under the supervision of Victor Servranckx and started painting freelance the following year.

The Galerie de Centaure represented Magritte from 1925 to 1930, giving the artist one of his most successful periods. Magritte experienced massive financial success again in the late-1930s due to the interest of international collectors. This period of flourish halted again due to the outbreak of WW2. However,

Throughout his career, Magritte received numerous accolades for his work, including the Legion of Honour award by the French Government in 1967.

Magritte experienced accomplishment in his art during his later years. He died on 15 August 1967 in Brussels.

What was Rene Magritte Known For?

Magritte is known for his thought-provoking and enigmatic surrealist images that feature ordinary objects in unusual contexts. Magritte initially painted using geometrical forms and shapes in the Cubism style. From 1926, when he switched to Surrealism, Magritte painted several colorful themes.

Who was Rene Magritte Influenced By?

Magritte was heavily influenced by the works of the Surrealists, particularly the works of Salvador Dalí and Giorgio de Chirico. He was also influenced by the Dada movement, as well as by the works of the Belgian Symbolist painters. Leger and Metzinger’s works, which were introduced to him by fellow student Victor Servranckx influenced Magritte’s early experimentation with Cubism.

What Art Movement was Rene Magritte Associated With?

Rene Magritte was associated with the Cubism and Surrealism art movements. His surrealist works are characterized by ambiguous organic subjects and themes of emotional states. The breakout of WW2 prompted him to employ a brighter palette.

Rene Magritte Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Rene Magritte

Attempting the Impossible

Collective Invention

Elective Affinities


Man in a Bowler Hat

Memory of a Voyage

Not to be Reproduced

On the Threshold of Liberty

Personal Values

The Battle of the Argonne

The Castle of the Pyrenees

The False Mirror

The Human Condition

The Listening Room

The Lovers

The Menaced Assassin

The Mysteries of the Horizon

The Treachery of Images

The Voice of Space

Time Transfixed

All Rene Magritte Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Painted Plaster Mask 1935 Painted Plaster Mask
Time Transfixed 1938 Oil on Canvas
The Voice of Space 1928 Oil on Canvas
The Reckless Sleeper 1927 Oil on Canvas
Perspective Madame Recamier by David 1949 Oil on Canvas
The Empire of Lights 1954 Oil on Canvas
The Discovery of Fire 1935 Oil on Panel
La lunette d'approche 1963 Oil on Canvas
The Red Model II 1934 Oil on Canvas
La clef de verre (The Glass Key) 1959 Oil on Canvas
Golconda 1953 Oil on Canvas
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