Robert Henri – Artwork & Bio of the American Painter

Robert Henri was an American painter born on 24 June 1865 in Cincinnati, Ohio. After his family moved to Atlantic City to avoid his father’s incarceration, Henri began to build on his artistic talents by enrolling at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Subsequently, he studied at the Academie Julian in Paris and shortly at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts.

Henri returned to America and continued taking classes at the Pennsylvania Academy. In 1892, he started giving art instructions; his first job was at the School of Design for Women. Together with the artists whose acquaintances he had made, Henri began challenging the traditional styles and promoting a new unique style, leading to the eventual formation of The Eight group.

The artist’s strict adherence to his nonconforming style hugely contributed to his decline. However, Henri’s influence as an art instructor grew, and he worked in many prestigious institutions. Henri produced fewer paintings during the last years of his career due to failing health and died on 12 July 1929 in New York.

What was Robert Henri Known For?

Robert Henri was known for painting realistic depictions of American city life. Revolting against the focus on European painting methods, Henri and his circle of friends painted unpolished scenes of urban living in American cities. Additionally, Henri painted motifs from his frequent travels, often including portraits.

Who was Robert Henri Influenced By?

Robert Henri was influenced by Edouard Manet, Frans Hals, and Claude Monet. On his tour to Europe in 1885, Henri became fascinated with the works of Hals and Manet and adopted their relatively darker palette. Earlier, Henri had painted in a Plein air Impressionistic style inspired by the works of Claude Monet.

What Art Movement was Robert Henri Associated With?

Robert Henri was associated with the Realism art movement.

Robert Henri Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Robert Henri

All Robert Henri Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
El Tango 1908 Oil On Canvas
Marjorie In A Yellow Shawl 1909 Oil On Canvas
Salome 1909 Oil On Canvas
Portrait Of Mary Fanton Roberts 1917 Oil On Canvas
La Reina Mora 1906 Oil On Canvas
La Madrilenita 1910 Oil On Canvas
Dutch Joe (jopie Van Slouten) 1910 Oil On Canvas
Edna 1915 Oil On Canvas
Spanish Dancing Girl 1904 Oil On Canvas
Cumulus Clouds, East River 1901-02 Oil On Canvas
Celestina 1908 Oil On Canvas
Portrait of Willie Gee 1904 Oil on Canvas
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