Sidney Goodman Biography and Artwork

Sidney Goodman was a figurative painter and draftsman originally from Philadelphia, PA who gained public attention in the early 1960s for his oil paintings which explored the human form. He received his degree from the Philadelphia College of Art in illustration in 1958. His figural paintings quickly earned him critical success, leading to inclusion in the prestigious 1973 Whitney Biennial.

Goodman’s work is distinguished by its careful rendering of the human form, often set against urban backgrounds that contrast with the organic shapes of his subjects. His work can be found in major collections across America and beyond.

One highlight of Goodman’s career was a retrospective show held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 1996 which showcased his prolific output as both a painter and draftsman over several decades. The exhibition offered audiences an opportunity to see Goodman’s skillful use of various mediums’ ability to convey emotions such as melancholy or joy depending on themes.

In summary, Sidney Goodman was an American artist whose meticulous portraiture placed him firmly among figurative painters’ upper echelon while earning recognition from critics early on as well. With his incorporation of different painting techniques- airbrushing, pointillism- he became known for experimentation with scales unfavorable conditions and boldly conveyed emotionality that resonated with audiences worldwide through exhibitions showcasing extensive works like those displayed during one retrospective show at Philadelphia Museum aforementioned earlier.

All Sidney Goodman Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
The Elements - Water 1983-84 Oil On Canvas
A Waste 1984-86 Oil On Canvas
Sightseers 1991-93 Oil On Canvas
The Quick And The Dead 1980-81 Oil On Canvas
The Artist's Parents In The Store 1973-75 Oil On Canvas
Head With Red 1988 Charcoal And Conte Crayon On Paper
Free Fall 1988-91 Oil On Canvas
Figures In A Landscape 1972-73 Oil On Canvas
The Elements - Earth 1982-84 Oil On Canvas
Crowd Scene 1977-79 Oil On Canvas
The Elements - Air 1982-83 Oil On Canvas
Night Burn 1986-87 Oil on Canvas
Self-Portrait with Arm Raised 1993 Oil on Canvas
The Elements - Fire 1979-82 Oil on Canvas
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