Sigmar Polke – Artwork & Bio of the German Painter

Sigmar Polke was a German painter, sculptor, and multimedia artist born on 13 February 1941 in Silesia, Poland. Polke enjoyed drawing as a child and often saw the photography works of his grandfather. In 1961, two years after apprenticing at a stained glass factory, Polke enrolled at the Dusseldorf Arts Academy and studied there till 1967.

Polke co-founded the Kapitalistischer Realismus movement in 1963 while he was a student of the Dusseldorf Academy. Polke and the other group members exhibited their works, parodying capitalism and communism concepts. After his first solo exhibition in 1966, Polke began to gain recognition in the German art scene.

In 1971, Sigmar began traveling in search of subject matter and inspiration, visiting Afghanistan, the USA, Europe, and South America. He documented his travels in photographs and experimented with different techniques. Polke became a professor at the Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts in 1977 and won the Golden Lion prize at the Venice Biennale in 1986. Polke continued working and experimenting till his death on 10 June 2010 in Cologne.

What was Sigmar Polke Known For?

Sigmar Polke was known for making creative, relatable, and aesthetic multimedia art. Polke’s art revolved around Pop culture and art, and his subjects were familiar relatable objects and themes. Polke showed his artistic versatility through experimentation with various mediums and materials, including arsenic, acrylic, lacquer, wool, and synthetic paint.

Who was Sigmar Polke Influenced By?

Sigmar Polke was influenced by famous Pop artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Joseph Beuys, and Andy Warhol. Lichtenstein’s influence on Polke’s work is evident in the painting Polke’s Bunnies, made with the dot technique peculiar to Lichtenstein.

What Art Movement was Sigmar Polke Associated With?

Sigmar Polke was associated with the Pop art movement.

Sigmar Polke Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Sigmar Polke

A Bit More Order is Needed in the Name of Anarchy



Animal in blue



Apparatus Whereby One Potato Can Orbit Another









Bone Mobile





Chocolate Painting



Figure with Hand

Girlfriends I

Hallo Shiva

Hope is- Wanting to Pull Clouds




Kathereiner´s Morning Wood















Polke as Astronaut

Potato Drawing




Potato House


All Sigmar Polke Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Two Palm Trees 1964
Measuring Clothes 1994 Fabric And Paint On Canvas
Magnetic Landscape 1982 Acrylic And Ferrous Mica On Canvas
Ich Mach Das Schon Jess 1972 Oil On Felt
Heron Painting Ii 1968
Hannibal With His Armoured Elephants 1982
Audacia 1986 Oil And Lacquer On Canvas
Lingua Tertii Imperii 1983
This is how you sit correctly (after Goya) 1982 Acrylic on fabric
Woman at the Mirror 1966 Acrylic on fabric
Tischruecken (Seance) 1981
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