Thomas Gainsborough – Artwork & Bio of the British Painter

Thomas Gainsborough was a British painter born on 14 May 1727 in Sudbury, England. As early as 1737, Gainsborough showed an interest in portraiture and landscape painting, a theme he would maintain throughout his art career. In 1740, he began studying under Hubert Francois Gravelot in London and furthered his education at the St Martin’s Lane Art Academy, studying under William Hogarth.

Thomas’ success in the art world came as early as 1744 when the seventeen-year-old rising artist opened his studio and started receiving commissions a couple of years later. Despite changing locations, Thomas continued to win acclaim and receive commissions. He was an active member of the Royal Society of Arts and the Royal Academy of Arts. In the two years preceding his death on 2 August 1788, Gainsborough painted his final two masterpieces.

What was Thomas Gainsborough Known For?

Thomas Gainsborough was known for his mastery of the techniques of portraiture, landscape painting, and genre scenes. Gainsborough painted many portraits of his loved ones, including family and friends. A famous theme employed by the artist was pastoral rural countryside life, for which he won acclaim widely.

Who was Thomas Gainsborough Influenced By?

Gainsborough was heavily influenced by the works of the Dutch Masters, particularly the works of Frans Hals, and the works of Anthony van Dyck. Gainsborough began to study the works of Van Dyke and Rubens to understand the representation of tenderness and sensualism in portraits.

He was also influenced by the works of French painters such as Watteau and Boucher, as well as by the works of Italian painters such as Correggio and Titian.

What Art Movement was Thomas Gainsborough Associated With?

Thomas Gainsborough was associated with the Rococo style of art, in which he trained in the studio of Hubert Gravelot in London. The Rococo movement was famous for depicting elegance in portraits which suited the taste of Thomas’ prestigious clients.

Thomas Gainsborough Artwork

Here are some of the artworks of Thomas Gainsborough

Conversation in a Park

Cornard Wood

John Plampin

Lasy Alston

Landscape in Suffolk

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew

Mr. and Mrs. William Hallett

Mrs. Sarah Siddons

Seashore with Fishermen

The Artist with his Wife and Daughter

The Blue Boy

The Gravenor Family

The Harvest Wagon

The Mall in St. James’s Park

The Harvest Cart

The Painter’s Daughters chasing a Butterfly

All Thomas Gainsborough Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
The Hon. Frances Duncombe c. 1777 Oil On Canvas
Mrs. Peter William Baker 1781 Oil on Canvas
The Blue Boy 1770 Oil on Canvas
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