Tintoretto – Artwork & Bio of the Italian Painter

Tintoretto was an Italian painter born in Venice, Italy, in 1518. Tintoretto’s artistic training began in the studio of Titian, after which he resorted to learning independently. Tintoretto’s style during this period featured loose brushwork and a sketch-like effect. Around 1538, the young Tintoretto opened his workshop and started painting professionally.

In the 1540s, Tintoretto’s reputation increased through the numerous commissions he received due to his relatively lower fees. Consequently, he came to the notice of the public and art collectors despite competition and sabotage attempts by other artists. Tintoretto maintained his market-cornering strategy of undercutting other artists with his fees, securing more commissions and contracts.

He was admitted into the Scuola Grande di San Rocco confraternity in 1565, a year after he donated a ceiling painting for their new meeting house. After the death of Titian in 1576, Tintoretto started receiving international commissions; from the King of Spain and the Venetian state. He kept working in his final days, assisted by his children, before dying on 13 May 1594.

What was Tintoretto Known For?

Tintoretto was known for painting religious scenes, large-scale frescoes and murals, and portraits. Tintoretto started painting pastoral scenes in his mature period, the 1540s, and they became his best-known works. In addition, he executed several commissions for murals, frescos, interior designs, and portraits.

Who was Tintoretto Influenced By?

Tintoretto was influenced by Michelangelo and Titian. Though these two artists worked in contrasting styles, Tintoretto fused their techniques to form his oil. The influence of Italian art heavyweights shone through the words of Tintoretto’s studio wall – “The drawing of Michelangelo and the coloring of Titian.”

What Art Movement was Tintoretto Associated With?

Tintoretto was associated with the Renaissance art movement.

Tintoretto Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Tintoretto

Christ at the Sea of Galilee



Christ Washing the Feet of His Disciples



Conquest of Zara



Creation of the Animals






Finding of the body of St Mark



Muse with Lute






Saint George and the Dragon



Saint Mark’s Body Brought to Venice



Susanna and the Elders



The Annunciation



The Birth of John the Baptist



The Last Supper



The Miracle of St Mark Freeing the Slave



The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes



The Origin of the Milky Way



The Abduction of Helen



Venus and Mars Surprised by Vulcan




All Tintoretto Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Leda and the Swan c. 1555 Oil on Canvas
The Deliverance of Arsinoe c. 1560 Oil on Canvas
The Maundy (Christ Washing the Feet of His Disciples) c. 1547 Oil on Canvas
Vincenzo Morosini c. 1580 Oil on Canvas
Christ at the Sea of Galilee c. 1575-80 Oil on Canvas
Self-portrait 1588 Oil on Canvas
The Baptism of Christ 1579 - 1581 Oil on Canvas
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