Umberto Boccioni Biography and Artwork

Italian artist Umberto Boccioni was a prominent figure in the Futurist movement during the early 20th century. Born on October 19, 1882, in Reggio di Calabria, Italy, he received training from painter Giacomo Balla and learned to use pointillism techniques. Boccioni’s work played a critical role in defining the revolutionary aesthetic of Futurism.

Boccioni’s paintings and sculptures captured modern life’s dynamism and color using a theoretical style he defended in manifestos, books, and articles. Despite his short life that ended on August 16, 1916, in Verona, Italy at age 33 after falling off a horse during military training exercises for World War I; his influence continued long after his death. One of his most famous pieces is Unique Forms of Continuity in Space sculpture which sold for $3.8 million.

Today many public art museums hold Boccioni’s works and continue to influence artists across several generations despite being part of the innovative movement over a hundred years ago. In memoriam to this legendary artist whose approach to dynamic form guided artists long after his time; one can conclude that Umberto Boccioni remains an icon of artistic progression that forever changed how we see art beyond its blank medium – taking it as a reflection of human expression itself while still remaining dynamic throughout the ages with his numerous contributions like Divisionist Paintings such as Three Women.

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All Umberto Boccioni Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Still Life With Glass And Siphon c. 1914 Pasted Papers, Gouache, And Ink On Paper
Dynamism Of A Man's Head 1914 Pasted Papers, Watercolor, Gouache, Ink,
Riot In The Galleria 1910 Oil On Canvas
Interior With Two Female Figures 1915 Watercolor, Tempera, Ink, And Pencil On Cardboard
Horizontal Volumes 1912 Oil On Canvas
Self-portrait 1908 Oil On Canvas
Self-portrait 1905 Oil On Canvas
Modern Idol 1911 Oil On Wood
Unique Form of Continuity in Space 1913 bronze
Charge of the Lancers 1915 collage,cardboard,tempera
States of Mind Those who stay 1911 Oil on Canvas
Table + Bottle + House 1912 Pencil on paper
Dynamism of a Woman's Head 1914 mixed technique
Dynamism of a Soccer Player 1913 Oil on Canvas
Elasticity 1912 Oil on Canvas
Portrait of a Young Woman 1909 Pastel on Paper
The Mother 1906 Pastel on paper
Development of a Bottle in Space 1913 bronze
Dynamism of a Cyclist 1913 Oil on Canvas
States of Mind The Farewells 1911 Oil on Canvas
States of Mind Those who go 1911 Oil on Canvas
The City Rises 1910 Oil on Canvas
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