Winslow Homer – Artwork & Bio of the American Painter

Winslow Homer was born on 24 February 1836 in Boston, Massachusetts. He started learning about art from his mother early on and apprenticed under John H. Bufford. Afterward, Homer worked as a freelance illustrator in his studio before studying briefly at the National Academy of Design. Subsequently, he participated in successful exhibitions and made several trips to Europe.

In 1873, Homer started painting primarily in watercolors, mastering the medium and becoming one of the best at it. The scenery of his artworks shifted towards the workers in Cullercoats after his trip there in 1881. After relocating to Prout’s Neck in the 1890s, Homer incorporated his fascination with sea life into his paintings before dying on 29 September 1910.

What was Winslow Homer Known For?

Winslow Homer was known for painting Plein air and accurately depicting the effects of natural light on subjects. He painted landscapes, seascapes, and genre scenes. Homer’s versatility in employing various mediums, such as watercolor and oil paints, is evident in his diverse choice of subject matter.

Who was Winslow Homer Influenced By?

On his first trip to Europe, Homer traveled to Paris, where he came across an exhibition of the works of Gustave Courbet, Jean-Francois Millet, Claude Monet, Edouard Manet, and Auguste Renoir. Intrigued by the representation of natural light in their artworks, Homer began to paint with these artists’ methods.

What Art Movement was Winslow Homer Associated With?

Winslow Homer was associated with the Realism art movement. Homer painted depictions without any imagined subjects or embellishments, obeying the rules of Realism. His representation of the effects of natural light bears witness to his adherence.

Winslow Homer Artwork

Winslow’s landscapes and seascapes influenced many upcoming, now-famous artists and are treasured in public and private collections. Below are some of them

A Visit from the Old Mistress

Boys in a Pasture

Breezing Up (A Fair Wind)

Camp Fire


Canoe in the rapids

Dressing for the Carnival

Eight Bells

Fox Hunt

Lost on the Grand Banks


Prisoners from the Front

Snap the Whip

Sunset Fires

The Bridal Path, White Mountains

The Fog Warning

The Herring Net


The Life Line

The Two Guides

The Veteran in a New Field



All Winslow Homer Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
The Turtle Pound 1898 Watercolor Over Graphite
Sponge Fishing, Nassau 1885 Watercolor And Graphite
Canoe In The Rapids 1897 Watercolor Over Graphite
A Wall, Nassau 1898 Watercolor
Street Corner, Santiago De Cuba 1885 Watercolor
Right And Left 1909 Oil On Canvas
Mending The Nets 1882 Watercolor And Gouache Over Graphite
Mink Pond 1891 Watercolor Over Graphite
Inviting A Shot Before Petersburg, Virginia 1864 Oil On Panel
The Adirondack Guide 1894 Watercolor over graphite on cream wove paper
Cape Trinity, Saguenay River 1904-09 Oil On Canvas
Fisherwoman c. 1882 Watercolor
The End Of The Hunt 1892 Watercolor And Graphite
Hunter in the Adirondacks 1892 Watercolor over graphite
West Point, Prout's Neck, Maine 1900 Oil on Canvas
Watching the Tempest 1881 Watercolor over graphite
On a Lee Shore 1900 Oil on Canvas
Home, Sweet Home 1863 Oil on Canvas
The Fox Hunt 1893 Oil on Canvas
The Woodcutter 1891 Watercolor on Paper
Hurricane, Bahamas 1898 Watercolor
Sailing the Catboat 1875 Watercolor and gouache over graphite
Prisoners from the Front 1866 Oil on Canvas
Dressing for the Carnival 1877 Oil on Canvas
The Gulf Stream 1906 Oil on Canvas
Summer Night 1890 Oil on Canvas
The Life Line 1884 Oil on Canvas
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