Yves Tanguy Biography and Artwork

Yves Tanguy was a French painter who later became an American citizen. He primarily worked in the surrealist style and was born on January 5, 1900, in Paris. Both of his parents were Breton origin, which influenced his artwork to some degree.

Tanguy’s commitment to Surrealism started after viewing two paintings by de Chirico on display in a shop window in 1923. This provoked him enough that he moved to Paris soon after joining the surrealist group in 1925 and exhibited his work solo for the first time two years later.

His precise imagery stands out among other artists of this genre; Tanguy combined personal symbolism with psychological themes in his surreal landscapes. In 1940, Tanguy fled Europe to avoid incursion as World War II broke out and moved to America with his second wife; he eventually became a U.S. citizen eight years later.

Sadly, Yves Tanguy’s life ended due to a stroke on January 15, 1955. His legacy lives on through his unique surrealist artwork that continues to inspire modern artists worldwide.

All Yves Tanguy Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Indefinite Divisibility 1942 Oil on Canvas
Legendes ni figures (Neither Legends nor Figures) 1930 Oil on Canvas
The Absent Lady 1942 Oil on Canvas
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