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Artwork ImageArtwork NameArtist NameDateLocationArt Movement
Big Electric ChairBig Electric ChairAndy Warhol1967Pop Art
GoetheGoetheAndy Warhol1982printed on Lenox Museum BoardPop Art
Green Coca-Cola BottlesGreen Coca-Cola BottlesAndy Warhol1962Whitney Museum of American Art, New YorkPop Art
Marilyn DiptychMarilyn DiptychAndy Warhol1962Tate Modern, London, UKPop Art
MarilynMarilynAndy Warhol1967Leo Castelli Gallery, New YorkPop Art
Marlon BrandoMarlon BrandoAndy Warhol1966Private CollectionPop Art
Campbell's Soup CanCampbell's Soup CanAndy Warhol1964Leo Castelli Gallery, New York
Double ElvisDouble ElvisAndy Warhol1963Private collection
Orange Car CrashOrange Car CrashAndy Warhol1964Galleria Civica d'Atre Moderna, Turin
Brillo BoxBrillo BoxAndy Warhol1964National Gallery of Canada, OttawaPop Art
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