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Artwork ImageArtwork NameArtist NameDateLocationArt Movement
Interior Of The Sistine ChapelInterior Of The Sistine ChapelMichelangelo
Rebellious SlaveRebellious SlaveMichelangelo1513-16Musee du Louvre, Paris
SnakesSnakesMichelangelo1511Sistine Chapel, VaticanHigh Renaissance
The Face of GodThe Face of GodMichelangeloc. 1512Detail from The Sistine Chapel ceiling
The FloodThe FloodMichelangelo1512Sistine Chapel, VaticanHigh Renaissance
The Hands of God and AdamThe Hands of God and AdamMichelangelo1510Sistine Chapel, VaticanHigh Renaissance
The Prophet JoelThe Prophet JoelMichelangelo1509Sistine Chapel, VaticanHigh Renaissance
Dying SlaveDying SlaveMichelangelo1513-16Louvre Museum, Paris
Milan PietaMilan PietaMichelangeloc.1550 - 1564Sforza Castle, Milan, ItalyMannerism (Late Renaissance)
Statue of Giuliano de' MediciStatue of Giuliano de' MediciMichelangeloc. 1526-34Medici Chapel, San Lorenzo, Florence
The Cumaean SibylThe Cumaean SibylMichelangelo1510Sistine Chapel, VaticanHigh Renaissance
The Delphic SibylThe Delphic SibylMichelangelo1509Sistine Chapel, VaticanHigh Renaissance
The Last JudgmentThe Last JudgmentMichelangelo1537 - 1541Sistine Chapel, VaticanMannerism (Late Renaissance)
The Libyan SibylThe Libyan SibylMichelangeloc.1510Sistine Chapel, VaticanHigh Renaissance
The Temptation of Adam and EveThe Temptation of Adam and EveMichelangelo1508 - 1512Sistine Chapel, VaticanHigh Renaissance
DavidDavidMichelangelo1501 - 1504Galleria dell'Accademia di Firenze, Florence, ItalyHigh Renaissance
PietaPietaMichelangelo1499St. Peter's Basilica, VaticanHigh Renaissance
The Creation of AdamThe Creation of AdamMichelangelo1508 - 1512Sistine Chapel, VaticanHigh Renaissance
The Holy Family with the infant St. John the Baptist (the Doni tondo)The Holy Family with the infant St. John the Baptist (the Doni tondo)Michelangelo1504Uffizi, FlorenceRealism
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