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Artwork ImageArtwork NameArtist NameDateLocationArt Movement
Seated womanSeated womanPablo Picasso1908Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, RussiaCubism
Seated womanSeated womanPablo Picasso1909Private CollectionExpressionism
Seated womanSeated womanPablo Picasso1920Private CollectionNeoclassicism
Seated womanSeated womanPablo Picasso1921Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Stuttgart, GermanyNeoclassicism
Seated womanSeated womanPablo Picasso1923Allen Memorial Art Museum (AMAM), Oberlin, OH, USNeoclassicism
Still life with lemon and jugStill life with lemon and jugPablo Picasso1936Surrealism
Still life with lemon and orangesStill life with lemon and orangesPablo Picasso1936Cubism
Still life with lemonsStill life with lemonsPablo Picasso1907Cubism
Still life with pitcher and applesStill life with pitcher and applesPablo Picasso1919Neoclassicism
Still life with skull of oxStill life with skull of oxPablo Picasso1942Cubism,Surrealism
Still life with skull on an armchairStill life with skull on an armchairPablo Picasso1946Cubism,Surrealism
Still life with stoneStill life with stonePablo Picasso1924Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal, UKAcademicism
Still life with TableStill life with TablePablo Picasso1906Private CollectionPost-Impressionism
Still life with the mandolinStill life with the mandolinPablo Picasso1924Cubism
Still life with vasesStill life with vasesPablo Picasso1906Post-Impressionism
The sculptureThe sculpturePablo Picasso1925Cubism,Surrealism
The serenadeThe serenadePablo Picasso1942Georges Pompidou Center, Paris, FranceSurrealism
The shadowThe shadowPablo Picasso1953Surrealism
The sleepersThe sleepersPablo Picasso1965Surrealism
The soupThe soupPablo Picasso1903Expressionism
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