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Artwork ImageArtwork NameArtist NameDateLocationArt Movement
St. George Fighting The DragonRaphael1505Musée Du Louvre, Paris
Study Of A Sibyl For The Chigi ChapelStudy Of A Sibyl For The Chigi ChapelRaphaelc. 1512-13British Museum, London
St CatherineSt CatherineRaphaelc. 1507National Gallery, London
Portrait Of A CardinalPortrait Of A CardinalRaphaelc. 1510-12Museo Del Prado, Madrid
Madonna and Child Enthroned, with SaintsMadonna and Child Enthroned, with SaintsRaphael1504-05Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
St. George Fighting the DragonRaphael1504-06National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
The Betrothal of the Virgin ('Sposalizio')The Betrothal of the Virgin ('Sposalizio')Raphael1504Palazzo Brera, Milan, ItalyHigh Renaissance
Portrait of a Nude Woman (the 'Fornarina')Portrait of a Nude Woman (the 'Fornarina')Raphaelc. 1518Galleria Nazionale, Rome
The Burning of the BorgoThe Burning of the BorgoRaphael1514
Pope Leo X with two cardinalsPope Leo X with two cardinalsRaphael1518Uffizi Gallery, Florence, ItalyHigh Renaissance
Madonna dell GranducaMadonna dell GranducaRaphaelc. 1505Palazzo Pitti, Florence, Italy
The nymph GalateaThe nymph GalateaRaphaelc. 1512-14Villa Farnesina, Rome
Bindo AltovitiBindo AltovitiRaphael1512 - 1515National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.High Renaissance
Crucifixion with Sts Mary Virgin, Mary Magdalen, John and JeromeCrucifixion with Sts Mary Virgin, Mary Magdalen, John and JeromeRaphaelc. 1503National Gallery, London
Disputa (Dispute Over the Sacrament)Disputa (Dispute Over the Sacrament)Raphael1509-10Stanza della Signatura, Vatican Palace, Rome
La Belle JardinèreLa Belle JardinèreRaphael1507Louvre, Paris, FranceHigh Renaissance
Madonna di FolignoMadonna di FolignoRaphaelc.1511 - 1512Vatican Museums, Vatican, Pinacoteca Vaticana, VaticanHigh Renaissance
Portrait of the Artist with a Friend,Portrait of the Artist with a Friend,Raphaelc. 1518Musee du Louvre, Paris
School of AthensRaphael1510 - 1511Vatican Museums, VaticanHigh Renaissance
St Cecilia with Sts Paul, John Evangelist, Augustine and Mary MagdaleneSt Cecilia with Sts Paul, John Evangelist, Augustine and Mary MagdaleneRaphaelc. 1513-16Pinacoteca, Bologna
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