24th Street Intersection (1977) by Wayne Thiebaud

24th Street Intersection - Wayne Thiebaud - 1977

Artwork Information

Title24th Street Intersection
ArtistWayne Thiebaud
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions35 5/8 x 48 in (90.5 x 121.9 cm)
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About 24th Street Intersection

Wayne Thiebaud’s 24th Street Intersection is a cityscape painting that measures 90.5 x 121.9 cm and was painted in oil in an expressionist style in 1977. The dominant colors used are orange, yellow, white, and brown. Thiebaud is mainly associated with the Pop art movement due to his interest in depicting mass culture objects such as desserts and pastries. However, this particular painting showcases his artistic talents on urban landscapes.

The painting depicts a crossroads with numerous buildings stretching outwards to the edges of the canvas leading its viewer deeper into its cityscapes. The perspective from which Thiebaud portrays this busy intersection shows multiple automobiles parked along vast thoroughfares drawing sharp line divisions at opposite angles to each other, creating intersecting geometric patterns that add elements of depth and texture.

Wayne Thiebaud was one of America’s leading painters when he passed away on December 25th, 2021. His pieces have been featured prominently in various museums such as the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Crocker Art Museum for their unique perspectives rooted primarily in Pop art influences but also incorporate aspects of abstract expressionism techniques into his artistry style. In recent times collectors have admired Wayne Thiebaud’s work culminating to significant growth seen through auction sales performance values representing how widely recognized he has become across collectors who admire both artwork quality characteristics and past artistic investments’ fortune potentials over time from celebrated artists like Wayne Thiebaud who are no longer with us today.

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